Arithon Recruitment Software

Get More Social

Today social media and its outlets are playing a significant part in the hiring process. The core concept of recruitment is to build a strong network of connections consisting of both candidates and clients to serve one another’s needs. Social media has unquestionably, changed, if not revolutionised people’s ability to network and to forcibly expand their own network of contacts.

The inclusion of social media in recruitment has opened and extended the employment pool hugely.  In recent years, the recruitment industry has had to adapt to the influences and changes that social media has brought in relation to the way in which recruitment agencies now source their candidates and clients.

Social recruiting is unquestionably a cost effective measure to target the emerging generation of workers and it can be viewed as a free pass as such, for recruiters, to access an open database with millions of potential candidates broadening your search possibilities even further.

At Arithon we want to put you at the forefront of the largest pool of the best candidates and we have achieved this by combining the latest social media integration features with our Recruitment Software.

These features include:
    - Google search
    - LinkedIn Search
    - Broadbean
    - Twitter.

Arithon understands that speed is a key factor in the recruitment industry. With Arithon software your candidates can now be kept up to date automatically and in real time with the latest news, job postings and information via RSS feed to Twitter and LinkedIn without having to leave Arithon. This makes expanding your database and selecting candidates for vacancies far easier.

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