Arithon Recruitment Software


The Arithon Recruitment CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system enables your company to quickly and easily centralize all your existing candidate and client contacts into one centralized location quickly and easily.

By building your own network, you will be creating a strategic recruiting asset enabling you to fill new positions with qualified candidates you have been building relationships with over time.

Arithon’s CRM system enables your recruiters to source active candidates while simultaneously providing a tool to manage your passive & active candidates. The result is one centralized network that can help you more effectively fill any future job positions.

The CRM itself is divided into three separate screens:

        -Candidate screen
        -Client screen
The Arithon CRM system is easy to use allowing your recruiters to maximise their time spent sourcing and placing candidates. Arithon ensures that your recruitment consultants can easily add and source contacts to the CRM in whatever way  is convenient for them.     


Arithon’s CRM takes these contacts and organizes them according to specific keywords, fields and demographic data. We have also made it easier than ever for your organization to leverage, communicate & engage with these contacts for every job opportunity that you are looking to fill.   

Please complete the demonstration form below and we will email you a username and password to access a free demo where you can view tutorials and videos on our CRM system.