Arithon Recruitment Software

Automatic Backups

All the information contained on the Arithon system is automatically backed up and stored, preventing the unnecessary fear associated with losing all your data.

We realise that information is your business and preventing access to this information will seriously hinder the consultant’s ability to carry out their daily activities.

We want you to have confidence in your system so consultants can work to their full potential without worrying about the system failing. For this reason all the data stored on the Arithon system is automatically backed up and stored so in the unlikely case of your primary system going down you have guaranteed access to all your data.

We can provide this because our services include a clustered redundant file system which means multiple copies of data are spread across multiple storage nodes. This is done to provide redundancy and high availability.

Arithon also operates a full redundant backup location in a shared facility in Germany, which ensures clients are never without access to their data. Among these main facilities, we also operate servers in the UK, USA, and Singapore.

You can also download a local copy of your data and have it stored on your pc for ease of access.