Arithon Recruitment Software

Welcome to Arithon’s latest innovation in recruitment technology. By using advanced search techniques using social media, Arithon has developed the new LinkedIn integration feature allowing you to expand your overall reach by combining the power of LinkedIn with your Arithon account. The Linkedin feature offers you benefits in two main areas: Candidate Search and Client Integration.

How will this benefit you?

With just one click you can now link any relevant information from the candidates LinkedIn profile and combine it with current information on the CRM.

For Lead Generation

Arithon makes your business development easier with its unique Linkedin company integration feature. Search for your target company on Linkedin and with one click it displays the details including web address, phone, sector & office location. Then Arithon will search your LinkedIn network for contacts who work in this company and link them to the client record in Arithon. All simple to use, all in one click!

The LinkedIn integration software will not only allow you to increase and refine your search more effectively but will also save you time and money allowing more features for your clients and candidates.

For Candidate Search

One click will search for profiles on LinkedIn in your network and the public profiles for candidates to match your vacancy or search criteria. From here you can view the Linkedin profile, invite them to your network or download the profile to Arithon. Arithon then extracts all other candidate details and creates a new entry for them on the software while simultaneously adding the candidate to the shortlist for the vacancy selection on screen.

If you would like to get any further information on the LinkedIn integration feature with Arithon, please fill out your details in the form attached and complete the demonstration form below and we will email you a username and password so that you can get your free demo today.