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We have uploaded new training videos click on the below button to view them if you have any questions or have suggestions for any new videos which might help you please feel free to email us at

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Custom comment colours

Admin users can now choose the color's they want to have different comments appear as.This option is accessed via: Admin - Preferences - Comment Options. Default colors are hard coded to be close to the current colors, without the fading effect.

Custom Links in SMS messages

Users can now add their own Links to SMS Messages and we will shorten the link via Bitly to reduce the number of characters used in the message.

Expiry Date

This is a date field that will color red if the date entered has expired. Feature is enabled in Admin - Preferences - Candidate Expiry

CV Template

Create customised CV Template automatically within Arithon

Campaign Reports

Enchanced email campaign report dashboard


Complete redesign of the adminstrator KPI Dashboard and recruiters dashboard

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Training and Support

At Arithon we are fanatical about support, and because of this we have developed our 360 degree support programme. At Arithon we know that it is one thing to have a great system but you might as well not have it if it cannot be used to its full potential. We are dedicated to making sure that this is not the case with our product, as we offer our 360 degree support to every one of our clients.

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What is 360 degree support?

Arithon’s 360 support system has our clients covered from all sides or 360 degrees. We offer this by covering all of the following aspects for our clients:

  • Training
  • Assistance
  • Coaching
  • Administrative tasks
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    When our clients first start using our recruitment software system we provide training which can be online or face to face, whatever suits our client’s needs best.

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    If at any time, our clients encounter a problem or issue that they are having and are unsure how to resolve it then they can simply view our videos or step by step walkthroughs in the support section of the website. If they are really finding it particularly hard to overcome however, all our clients have to do is contact us and one of our specialists will help resolve any issue that arises step by step.

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