Job Distribution- Simple Reliable Flexible

The Arithon system can be integrated with Broadbean and LogicMelon these three "multi posting tools" allow recruiters to post vacancies to multiple job boards all in one click

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Easy to use interface

The Arithon system is easy to use - a simple 3 step process allows you to post jobs without being over-loaded by forms. Our custom form auto-fill software will fill out extra fields for job boards automatically, reducing data input.

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Save Money and Time

Your job vacancies are posted to the job boards instantly, and the ability to multi-post to as many job boards as you want means you and your team will be saving valuable time. Arithon can be integrated with Broadbean, IDIBU and LogicMelon, Three multi posting tools that allow recruiters to post vacancies to multiple job boards all in ONE CLICK.

Publish it to your website

At the same time you post jobs you can publish it straight to your website - halving the amount of time you spend posting jobs if you currently have to post jobs and manage your website separately.

Growing Job Board Network

Arithon now has over 500 job boards - and we're continually growing. If you don't see the boards you require we will endeavour to add them as quickly as possible.

Multiple User Access Levels

Use your administrator account to set-up individual logins for your different consultant for better security.

RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds (Really Simple Syndication) is a technology that pushes information (for example, a listing of jobs), out to anyone who is subscribed to it via RSS.

Arithon allows you to create RSS feeds of the jobs inside your database. You can set-up latest job feeds or 'featured' job feeds. By getting partners and related business to display your RSS feeds, you're creating additional traffic to your website. Allowing your candidates to browse your jobs on their desktops (by using a RSS feed reader) they're always kept up to date with your latest vacancies.

Applicant Tracking and Reporting

Arithon offers an interactive recruitment dashboard, library of existing reports, customised reports and automated reports delivered right to your inbox.

Job Expiry Notifications

Receive emails that will tell you when your jobs are going to expire and re-post with ease.

View information on jobs that have been posted, whether there were any problems and valuable feedback messages from the boards. The email notification system will let you know if posts had issues and will advise you on the fix.

Logic Melon

Logic Melon is based on the most recent improvements in technology for the multi-posting and applicant tracking market. Our aim is to supply an easy-to-use solution whilst making the recruitment process quick, easy and cost effective.


Supported by Daxtra technology our parser will automatically extract all relevant information from the CV and input it directly into the Arithon system.