Arithon Recruitment Software

Integrated Solutions

Arithon recruitment software integrates all the tools you need and more, not only extending your search but it simplifies the recruitment process making it more efficient for our users. Our recruitment software is both convenient and user friendly saving you from switching between windows to update and view the latest information.

Our integrated solutions include:  

    - Integration with your website
    - Arithon Mobile App
    - Job posting
    - CTI (Phone Integration)
    - Online Timesheets

With these integrated solutions, Arithon users can now control more of the placement process allowing them to complete tasks such as, sending emails, conducting a candidate/company search and posting vacancies all at the click of a mouse from one centralised location. For more information on Arithons integration tools click on the tool bar on the left of this page.

Or if you would like a free demo of Arithon, please complete the demonstration form below and we will email you a username and password so that you can get your free demo today.