At Arithon we use a fast, efficient and an easy to use connected system which allows us to present the most innovative features and updates to our clients with much greater levels of connectivity than ever before.

Arithon allows you to stay fully connected with all of the company's users all in the one place. With Arithon the administrator can now connect to all users on the company system giving them instant accessibility to all data and information such as calls made, emails sent out and many more. Full connectivity proves to be a huge advantage and time saver for management as they can have all the data they need instantly all in one place thus saving them from manually retrieving the information from each individual system. All the information that is needed can be gathered in the reports section of the Arithon system and will give a complete picture of all activity that is happening on their Arithon account ensuring that our clients can stay fully connected with each other every step of the way.

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Application Tracking and CRM

Arithon will help your company build a better relationship between recruiters and hiring managers, streamline yourrequisition creation and approval process, and improve your quality of hires. Arithon will also streamline the recruitment efforts of Human Resource professionals through automation, creating a more efficient and cost-effective hiring process.

International Agency

100% Cloud Based

As we are a cloud recruitment software, we update our products and features regularly ensuring that you will always have the most advanced technology on the market allowing you to remain ahead of the competition.


Reduce your cost

We operate on a pay per use basis meaning you only pay for what you need. No mess, no third party software, truly the easiest way tosource and manage talent.


"Our mission is to make recruiters better worldwide through improving and innovating the technology they have to work with.”

Roderick Smyth Chairman