Award Season

The NRF black tie awards are taking place this Friday (5th of December) in the Shelbourne Hotel (How Fancy?!) The awards are a major event in the Irish recruitment industry  and gives us all the chance to celebrate and reflect on the year gone by in recruitment fashion.

The night will be MC’d by no other than Gavin Duffy of Dragon’s Den, while 5th avenue will be the band of the night.

Drinks reception, an award ceremony and dinner is the agenda of the night, with a short address from the NRF President, Barbara McGrath

Arithon will be sponsoring an award category as well as the NRF events calendar and the conference itself.  We are really looking forward to the best and only industry specific award show in town which is a great start to the merriment of December!

Good luck to all the nominees and we hope to see you there!


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Formulate Your Recruiting Strategies For 2015

As Christmas is around the corner (sorry for the reminder!!) we look towards the horizon of a new year.  And while 2015 looks to be a stellar one for the recruitment industry: how can we capitalize on a booming industry, maximize our scope and attract clients and candidates?

Well it all starts with a bit of strategizing. Strategic planning is critical to any business, big or small. It gives you direction, keeps you focused towards your objectives and end goals and helps create detail. We all want to know what the future holds but all we can do is plan, while focusing our energy, resources and employees towards where we would like to be within a given time frame.  It also communicates what is expect of stakeholders and their purpose within the organisation.

So recruiting strategies.. Where do we even start?

What A SWOT: 

Swot analysis is imperative to begin implementing any strategy. This analysis will illustrate your key strengths and opportunities  and how you differ from competitors. This will be your competitive edge on which you can begin to expand, differentiate and market.

Sit down with your employees and brainstorm. Recruiting consultants should be quite knowledgeable regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the company, after all they are the employees dealing with people at both ends of the business and the people who receive the feedback on your company.

Set your objectives: 

Ask yourself, what are you trying to achieve in the next year.  What is important to your business:  engagement? Increase your online presence? Direct more traffic to your website? Increase your subscribers? Acquire new candidates or clients? Improve your customer service? Or just an overall improvement in operations?

Different companies want different results and setting these objectives down in stone (well on paper) will help the planning and execution overall.

Brand the branding:

Building your employer brand is the next step. Again, collaborate with colleagues for a holistic view of achieving the best results.

Think of keywords and advantages as a starting point which you can build your brand from. Your company should feel personable, which should be viewed as its own entity, give it a persona.

Look to your competitors also, large firms will have a mass of marketers and writers within their marketing department. If a smaller company,  you should seek out what your competitors do; what do you like about the firms? What could be improved? What opportunities can arise? Researching your competitors is great way to differentiate yourself and take a few tips from the big dogs along the way.


Recruiters have several processes they need to complete before placing candidates; sourcing, selecting, and onboarding. Take these one by one and figure out how and where. What mediums are you going to use advertise job vacancies? Social media, print, own website, a combination? Many channels can be used but effectively you need to know where you audience is and advertise there. It is deemed useless if you advertise on pinterest and your audience is based on twitter. 




Recruitment software should be an integral part of the recruitment cycle, not only does it make your job somewhat easier but additional features and automation helps greatly in reducing the time spent on manual and mundane task and allows you to handle large volumes without becoming over-whelmed or stressed.

Software providers are constantly expand their features and updating their services. If using a software and happy.. good for you. If not, this is definitely something you should look to acquire in the new year.New year, new approach, new software.

Parsing, social media integration, SMS, tracking and data insights are highly sought features requested by recruiting firms.

Data Forever:

Big data is one of the buzzwords out at the minute and while marketers have background, it is relatively new to the rest of us,  but it is key to measuring your efforts. If not, it is like studying for an exam and never bothering to pick up your results. How will you know that all of that planning was fruitful?

Pick a quarter or six month previous time frame and record your results, whats working, what not? Once strategies are in place, the six months previous and six months after  implementation will provide you with an indicator of how your strategies are working.Engagement, traffic, referral and bounce rate are some key analytics.

Some aspects you may need to tweak, scrap completely or expand. This is your work report card, it’s not the end of the world either if some results are disappointing. Audience building can be difficult and no-one is a mind reader despite what those crystal ball gazers say, so don’t get frustrated if it didn’t work, something else will.

Summary : 

Recruitment Strategies are so important for an effective business, it will help you retain high quality candidates and clients. In such a fragmented industry, it is very easy to be just a grain in the sand, but it’s the company obligation to build the foundations of a sandcastle that consultants, clients and candidates build together.

While it can be easy to look at just the agency’s needs, a customer centric focused should be at the heart of strategies. Don’t think revenue or expansion, think retention and loyalty and then the revenue will follow.

On the look out: 

Some trends at the moment and going into 2015 would be an all time favorite, customer experience. If customers have a pleasant and friendly interaction with you, you will make a lasting impression, they will use you again and recommend you to others.

Group/Community  Interaction– Begin building a community base, participate in recruitment communities, start debates and share valuable and insightful content, this will enhance engagement and community management.

Attend events – You don’t have to showcase or be exhibiting at these events, they are also a great way to network and meet potential candidates and employers. Many events have seminars and guest speakers, so it’s worth while to attend for all the tips and industry leaders insight alone.

BE patient- It takes time to plan, implement and execute any strategy. If something isn’t working ask yourself why and adjust and tweak the strategies.





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The Millennials- The change in the workplace

As a millennial myself, born smack dab in the middle of the generation, it seems many have a love/hate relationship with the lovable rogues of the 80’s and 90’s.

We are on one hand, the bane of others, seen as self entitled, living off our parents, and no experience of living or working in the “real world” because we have our heads stuck in Twitter, Netflix and Instagram. On the other hand we are the god-send, we’re liberal, open minded,value ethics and equality, possibly the most technology savvy and the future leaders of the inevitable change that is needed in society.

As the time approaches where we will make up the majority of the workforce, how will we pave the new age of the work environment?

Millenniums value work, encouragement and organisation, we aren’t as motivated by money as some may think. We like to work hard, strike a work/life balance and be valued at work.

We thrive in more diversified work environments and value leadership and collaboration. We have already seen the work environment turn away from the traditional regiment of work, such as the 9-5, monetary compensation and little flexibility.

Millenniums love innovative, creative and somewhat “quirky” workplaces, tech giants and start-ups are also highly sought after by millenniums.

6 in 10 students say they are NOT considering a career in business, and 48% said they have NOT been encouraged to do so.

74% of non millennials agree that millennials offer different skills and work styles that add value to the workplace.

Millennial careers have changed also, more and more new career paths are opening up and evolving, some that didn’t even exist a decade ago. Big data has seen its fair share of media and blog coverage lately and millenniums are the generation where these  up and coming sectors began to dominated. .

Companies are more results driven than ever before, generally profit was the indicator of a companies well-being but now there are a plethora of analytics and financials that illustrate the performance of the company, data insight is only getting bigger.

Social media is another big industry for millennial, as social media began to take off in 2007 or so, we were generally the first adopters of social media.. we’ve been doing it for years and can communicate well through these mediums. Coding is also a highly sought after profession for example.

Millenniums want to feel important and we expect communication and feedback to be instant, you can thank MSN, Facebook chat and smartphones for that one. We expect communication to be instant, and when its not… well we will let you know ! The boundaries of authority are becoming flatter and less hierarchical and millenniums expect employers to treat them as an equal and respect their efforts.

Loyalty isn’t something that millenniums value as much, we value career progression and development. We move from job to job, acquire as much hard and soft skills as possible… we are more mobile than ever, emigrating or taking some months to travel around south east Asia… Sure why not!?

While we place value on the work, millenniums  really don’t place much emphasizes on loyalty. There is no such thing as a “job for life” anymore.

Companies can retain millenniums by offering other rewards such as promotion opportunities, feedback and strong effective communication and leadership. We crave meaning from our work and wanted to feel connected to the organisation.

Millenniums attitudes tend to challenge traditional views of career and society, which is questioning the expectations of employers and other aspects of society also. There seems to be a disconnect between employers and young people. This can have damaging effects regarding the job searching process for both parties involved.

Employers need to work closely with educational institutes to find the right candidate before they graduate and begin their job search. While millenuiams go mobile with their job search, employers seek out specialist recruitment agencies.

Milleniums have a different approach to the working world compared to others before, while 3rd level was for the elite, and you were expected to get a job from the when you turn double digit age. Millenniums input a massive amount of energy and effort into their careers, from college to internships, apprenticeship and graduate programs. We start our careers later in life and high levels of us attended 3rd level. We have a bigger caliber of qualified people.

However, many criticizes that millenniums aren’t prepared for the world of work, and even a high achiever may not necessarily fit into the work life approach. This may be true, but not at the hands of the millenniums, Companies and 3rd level institutions should ensure they are. Work placements are probably the biggest solution to this.

While the decade moves into the latter half, i think this is where we will see the most change in recruitment sector. Recruiters and HR need to adapt their strategies to attract a whole new set of young professionals e.g. how they connect with millenniums, what mediums to use, how you foster retention and how to output your employer brand to attract millennials in the first place.

Milleniums are connected, tech-savvy with a collaborative nature and more on our minds than just our career, yet we feel the pressure of career progression and the sheer competitiveness involved.  We may still feel a little awkward in our work clothes but we are eager to learn and love any learning curves, workplaces are the optimal place to achieve this.

** Facts sourced from Bentley; University’s preparedU project: Millennials in the Workplace Infographic Storybook. ** 

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Recruiter Perceptions of Software and Technology Use | Industry View 2014

As a Recruitment Technology Software company, we know there can be some preconceived notions in relation to barriers of technology implementation by recruitment agencies especially in the case of small businesses.


But what are the most common barriers, we investigate what recruiters views on technology really is! Is it worth while?

Software Advice, a company that reviews software, has conducted a survey to determine HR professionals views on Technology use, with commentary provided by Matt Charney, executive director of Recruiting Daily and champion of recruiting technology.

Here are some of the findings:

  1. The vast majority of recruiters (89 percent) said that recruiting technology was either“extremely” or “very” important for performing their jobs well.
  2. Of recruiters who did not use recruiting technology or software, 50 percent noted that a limited budget was an extremely significant obstacle to adoption.
  3. Ninety-five percent of recruiters using software/technology noted that they had minimal difficulty learning to use it.

Some have suggested that recruiters are falling behind in their adoption of software, but the tide seems to be turning and the poll found that 91% are using some form of recruiting technology or software. While small number of the recruiters polled suggest that technology was “not at all important” for high performance.

Recruiter Perception 1 (1)

Importance of software to job performance

Software advice also polled recruiters on the obstacles they face which refrain the use of technology. Budget, ease of use and security were the three most common answers.

Budget was by far the stand alone in the survey as 50% said their lack of software was due to limiting financial capabilities. Meanwhile 25% said software is too complicated and others thought the tried and tested way (manual) is the best way.

However do the benefits of software outweigh the costs?

Well apparently yes, a whopping 93% felt their software was either “extremely” or “very beneficial” compared to costs. 

Other barriers to implementation is the perception that the software may be difficult to use or difficult to master. However,  95% either “strongly” or “somewhat” agreed that it was easy for them and/or their team to learn how to use their recruiting software/technology.

Another barrier to implementation is security issues (we all know about the celeb hack last month) but in fact, 91 % were either “extremely” or “very confident”  that their data was securely stored—and none of the respondents reported being “not at all confident” in their data security.

Barriers to Implementation

Barriers to Implementation

While we see there are some barriers to implementation, the perceptions can be misleading. Ease to use and security are issues when considering to purchase a software, but aren’t seen as issues when software has been implemented, so it seems this fears often fade quite quickly once the recruiter has begun to use the software.

Like most sectors, cost is the biggest barrier to implementation.


** Arithon provides flexible and simple pricing plans for all sized businesses! And with our new interface coming soon, ease of use will be no issue at all. Our cloud is air tight and no information will be leaking from our cloud!! **  


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How to attract applicants with just a job description.

With any type of advertising (because that is essentially what a job description is, an advertisement for a job vacancy) you need to stand out and ensure you reach your audience.

But how do you write an creative job advertisement? Well, fear not we are here to help.

A fresh approach and some creativity are key to allow you to stand out from the crowd. Making a good impression is imperative in grabbing the attention of job seekers. Carefully creative wording and putting thought into your writing will be the start of writing an effective job description.

Keywords are key: 

When creating content for your job description ensure you are utilizing the keywords. This will help develop its search engine ranking and the advertisement can be easily found as a result. But don’t be too obvious, repetitive use would be futile and annoying.


Get To the point: 

Job descriptions should be brief and to the point. Job seekers will generally scan the description to see if they would be suitable or not. Short sentences and bullets points is the best way to convey your message and ensure applicants can seek all relevant information quickly and with ease.


Customer perspective:

When writing a job description you should take the potential applicants’ perspective into account. What would the applicant want to know? What would motivate them to apply? What would be most significant to them?

Get Creative: 

Have fun with your job description. Use additional and “outsider” media- For example a bar in Dublin advertised a job vacancy where applicants could only apply through snapchat. They receive over 200 applicants within a day and gathered some wonderfully creative applications, as well as some free PR.

Visuals are also a great way to attract applicants. People respond to visual simulation rather than just reading text and remember it better.  Infographics or pinterest would also be a great way to promote the job vacancy.


Review, Review, Edit, Edit: 

Once you are prepare to publish your job description… DON’T!! Re-read and edit, re-read and edit. When you have immersed yourself into creative writing you may fail to notice any typos, grammar mistakes and other similars. Have a co-worker read over it – a fresh pair of eyes as they say…

If you feel unsure about publishing it, it’s ready!




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Uk Recruiter Technology and supplier showcase

On Thursday the 16th of October, Arithon will be exhibiting at the UK Recruiter’s Technology showcase event. The event is held to provide the right mix of product overviews, learning session, technology debate, speed demos and informal networking.

The magnificent seven is back and the experts will be on hand to offer expertise, advice and help on any technology subject. A selection of the experts will also be running workshops covering a host of topics, such as social media, mobile, employer brand and technology integration.

The magnificent seven comprises of Lisa Jones, Johnny Campbell, Ravi Edwards, Mike Taylor, Steve Ward, Raymond Pennie and Bill Boorman. 

Arithon will be exhibiting and holding demonstrations of our cloud based recruitment software to showcase our extensive range of features and benefits. We might also have a friend with us.

Come see us and say hello. We are looking forward to our informative and enjoyable day in London.

When: Thursday 16 October, 2014. 10.00 -17.30

Where: Great Portland Street

Tickets can be purchased here











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The recruitment industry events season is well under way (it really is the most wonderful time of the year… well after Christmas that is!!)

The Marketing and Advertising Recruitment Awards kick off the awards. As some of you may know, we have proudly sponsored the awards over the last number of years and this year is no different.


We think it is important to recognize and appreciate recruiters at top of their game and agencies who use smart and attractive recruitment, marketing and innovative tools to gain that competitive edge.

Our sponsored category is recruitment innovation because we love to see innovation prosper and excel within the industry. The finalist in recruitment innovation include: 

  • CloudNine Social Media & Digital Talent
  • Doyen Digital Media
  • eRecruit Solutions
  • Major Players
  • Reuben Sinclair

We wish all nominees the best of luck and happy to see the receive the recognition they deserve.

We look forward to seeing you:

WHERE:  The prestigious Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel, Westminster, London.                WHEN: Wednesday 19th November.

It’s going to be a great and exciting night to get the glad rags on.

For a full list of nominees and awards, give it a click: MARA 2014






Mara award- sponsored category, nominees, & Event

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UK Recruiter’s Directors Learning Networking Event

As the name suggests this event is purely a directors event. The seniority of the audience and speakers mean these events are the ideal place to keep up to date with the business industry – such as the latest strategic thinking, how peers are tackling challenges they face and allows for bench marking and networking in a formal and information environment.

The October event, entitled “Creating an award winning 2015” will consist of key speakers such as James Calder, Stephen Rogers, Steve Solomon and Flora Mewies.

From workplaces, to teams and individuals, learn how to create a top 100 recruitment business, gain valuable information and see the trends emerging in the recruitment industry.

We want to see you directors out in force and gain valuable knowledge at this not to miss event.

In case you need anymore convincing, as proud sponsors of the event, Arithon are giving away tickets ….The first 8 to respond get free tickets and the rest get 50% off.  So get replying to receive a place for this informative and enjoyable evening.

To book a place, please reply to


  ** Please note this is a director only event** 

We look forward to seeing you.

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Applicant Tracking systems are crucial to the recruitment industry, it will reduce your costs, increase retention, productivity and improve the strategic decision making process, among many other benefits.


Software Advice have published a report that revealed what buyers in 2014 are looking for when making a decision to purchase an ATS. So what are recruiters looking for when making a purchasing decision?

We have complied some of the facts and figures.

  • 61% still use manual methods to manage their candidate pools – this decreased by 6% from 2013.

  • 40% cited automation of job board/career page postings as the their top requested feature

  • Top reasons for seeking a new ATS were to increase efficiency (37%), support company growth (18%) and add missing features (14%)

  • 31% sought after reporting capabilities
  • 32% were looking for searchable database and filter
  • 29 % looking for candidate tracking.

More businesses are now seeking new ATS software, as the market evolves rapidly, recruiters need additional innovative features such as integration, search ability, CRM, automatically post jobs to boards, social media and website.

While some vendors offer the basics, buyers need and want more from their ATS software, they want mobility, accessibility to all utilized mediums and a few marketing features thrown in the mix. I think there is no denying that marketing and HR/recruitment are almost as intertwined as… as…. as these carrots (phew)


The Trend we are seeing at the moment when the economy is on the uphill path to recovery- increasing new hires and decrease the unemployment rate, we can expect ATS to be in hot demand for years to come.

*** Not that we like to brag but we offer many of the features listed such as CRM, CV & email parsing, job distribution & automated job postings and management reporting- to name but a few. You can see the full range of Arithon’s features right here —->  Arithon ***


**Facts & Figures sourced from Software Advice**


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Because Happy candidates are loyal candidates.. what their experience with you?

In a relatively short amount of time, the recruitment industry has transformed drastically and so have candidates. Candidates have evolve from passive to pro-active jobseekers, due to the industry, like all, switching to more online activity. Candidates have never had it easier searching  for jobs and hundreds of recruitment agencies to pick from. OB-SZ321_0516il_D_20120516151904 So with such a fragmented and crowded market… how do you foster loyalty? Jobseekers want the best recruiting agency and companies with a superior service. That’s why marketers and recruiters need to produce something special. So how do you attract jobseekers to your agency and how do you make them stay? A positive candidate experience is your best marketing medium, as generally people with positive associations with a company or brand are more likely to refer a friend and so on. Word of mouth recommendations is the best review and free marketing around. We have complied a list of tips to help you enhance your candidates experience and have you busier for longer.

  • Personalisation– Candidates need to be treated as an individual and not a CV or number. Attention to detail such as personalized emails, a monthly check-in’s etc. are nice personal touches and the candidate will feel valued. It is crucial to keep in touch with candidates and provide an impression of your company’s brand and culture.


  • Ease, Speed, Quality– Candidates want a speedy and responsive service from recruiters. No contact, lengthy job applications and bad hiring processes may result in negative conations being associated with your company. You can be sure your candidate will tell (rant to) at least one person about the negative service they received. Job application forms that are too long can deter candidates from even applying for jobs. If it is a lengthy job application form, warn candidates how long it will take so they can prepare and allocate a time that is suitable for them.


  • Good Technology– A good recruitment solution management will unburden the recruiter of many complex duties. Cv parsing, rating systems and matching skills to job description will streamline the recruitment process and ensure the best candidates are picked. An automated email service should be included to personalize rejection letters, or unqualified responses. This allows for a speedy response and the candidate will appreciate the update (good or bad)


  • Communication– Communication can be a major pitfall in providing a positive candidate experience. Clarity in all job and company descriptions are key. Communicate regularly with your candidates to provide and receive updates, they will value this and gives an impression that you care (whether you do or not).

Poorly communicated information, no information or feedback at all is possibly the worst. Candidates will value honest, accurate and timely communication. Updates on applications and again some feedback (whether by phone or email) will be valued and appreciated. The candidate will know you are straight forward and honest creating positive feelings and connections with their recruiter.

  • First impression, Manners– Candidates should be viewed and valued as customers. And while we can all be excused from the odd horror day but emotions should be left outside the office.  In all walks of professional life you will find someone who left their manners at home and these people are a pain. Nobody wants to work with someone whose rude. Rule: Treat people how you would like to be treated.


  • Ask for feedback : After a candidate interview, the recruiter should contact the candidate to ask how it went, what they thought of the employer and any feedback they may have. If a candidate has received a position it may be nice to send a congratulations and if they have any feedback so you can improve your service. Some of it may swell your head with pride, others might leave you crying but all feedback should be taken on-board for your new candidates.

jobseeker-debate-600x310 Being considerate of the candidates and realizing they are vital to the well-being of the company and you is an important component to candidate experience. Thoughtful interactions, clear communication and the impression of value and care from the recruiter will build trust and rapport with the candidates and have them coming back to you…

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