Arithon Recruitment Software

Training and Support

At Arithon we know that it is one thing to have a great system but you might as well not have it if it can’t be used to its full potential. We are dedicated to making sure that this is not the case with our clients as we offer 360 degree support to everyone of our clients.

What is 360 degree support?

This is our support system that has our clients covered from all sides or 360 degrees. We offer 360 support by covering all of the following aspects for our clients:


When our clients first start using our recruitment software system we provide training which can be done online or face to face, whatever suits our client’s needs best.


Any time our clients come across a problem or issue that they are having and are not sure how to resolve it they can check out our videos or step by step walkthroughs and webinars in the support section on our website.  If you are really finding the process particularly hard to overcome, all our clients have to do is contact us and one of our specialists will help resolve any issue that arises step by step.


We also offer the option for further training or additional training as part of our 360 support service, For example, if a client wants to brush up on what they know or train up a new person on the system all they have to do is contact Arithon and we will set up a training session.

Administrative Tasks

As the administrator of the Arithon system, many other options are available to this user such as the reports section which allows the user to see certain figures including how well their staff are performing  on the system. This means that a different set of training is needed to get the full value out of the system so at Arithon we offer extra assistance to anyone within this role.

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Watch our training videos, browse our support centre or contact our expert professional support staff, who will be glad to help you with any queries that you might have.

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