Arithon Recruitment Software

Startup Agency

 At Arithon we want to help you get up and going and with our cloud based software. Getting started with the right database is fundamental to the future growth and success of the business, because changing it down the line can prove to be both a costly and painful process. Arithon will offer you the perfect CRM database that handles your needs, now and for the future. Arithon’s  recruitment software essentially allows users to spend less time reviewing applicant qualifications saving your business time and money.

 Screening candidates through the interview and hiring process is not an optional activity for a recruiter. One way or another, it has to be done. We can give you all the features you need to cover your basic needs and you get every tool you need up front, meaning you only pay for what you use. When you’re starting up a business the last thing you need is high overheads.

Arithon's low flexible monthly cost with no big upfront costs makes it the ideal package for any start up recruitment agency. No need to install any heavy hardware, as we are a cloud based software and you can avail of our regular innovative updates ensuring that you have the most up to date software on the market.

All data and information on our server will remain completely secure. We will provide you with a full CRM database where Arithon will look after all the unnecessary administration work for you. This will include some great features such as C.V parsing, automatic email import, powerful search and communications management such as customisable templates and personalised e-mail shots.

When it comes to support, Arithon offers you excellent customer service and 360 support, giving you a helpful guide through every step of the way.

Arithon truly is the most affordable “all in one” software solution and will provide all the functionality a modern consultant expects from a recruitment package and more. We want your recruitment executives to be benefitting from better productivity from the start.