Arithon Recruitment Software

Social Media Consultancy

Arithon is a partner with the leading experts in the area of social media consultancy and recruitment. With these partnerships we can help companies and professionals to understand how to maximise the use of social media technologies to build their brand, recruit and generate sales leads as well as help with designing, analysing and running social media campaigns.

Arithon is a partner with Social Talent which is a leading provider of Recruitment 3.0 services, providing Internet Recruitment Training through their Internet Recruitment courses, Recruitment Marketing, Video Production and technology driven Consulting services.

Arithon has also teamed up with experts in providing training courses for HR professionals of all levels that want to understand how to use the internet and social media more effectively for themselves and their departments.

Arithon can help you with designing your social media strategy and executing it to provide a platform for your agency.