Arithon Recruitment Software

Adaptive Workflow

Arithon differentiates itself from generic ATS systems through its adaptive workflow technology which uses intelligent components to automatically adapt the recruitment workflow prompting the user on the next action.

Our adaptive workflow technology ensures greater harmonisation across a recruitment team in delivering best practice recruitment processes and offers dramatically improved efficiency.  

How does it work?

At Arithon, rather than recording an activity that has already been done, our software is pushing the consultant to take the next step. Our workflow technology allows consultants to work for their role and adapt to the choices they make.

As the Arithon user works their way through the recruitment process they are frequently updated as to what step they are now at in the recruitment process.

Arithon's adaptive workflow technology will advise the user on what it feels is the best next step by forecasting a faster and more efficient way of getting the job done, removing all unnecessary shortcuts in between.  The user can however, choose to ignore this and move onto whatever step they want. Arithon - always innovating and keeping you ahead of the trend.