Arithon Recruitment Software

Social Media

For a start up company it is important to stay ahead of industry trends from the beginning by adapting to market change and predicting developments in the media and technology.

With the emerging prominence of social media and cloud-based computing, social media has unquestionably, changed, if not revolutionised recruiter’s ability to network and to forcibly expand their own network of contacts. In recent years, more and more hiring professionals are relying on social media to enhance and simplify their hiring strategies.  

Since the introduction of LinkedIn, recruitment and “social recruiting” have evolved tremendously, allowing recruiters to recruit top talent from, not just, their given country but from across the globe leveraging the search possibilities even further. In modern times, recruiters are consuming more and more services online through email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, and as a cloud solution Arithon is tightly aligned to leverage these technologies.

By using advanced search techniques using social media, Arithon has developed the new LinkedIn integration feature allowing you to expand your overall reach by combining the power of LinkedIn with your Arithon account all in one click.

 Arithon supports Broadbean integration and also enables you to post jobs directly from the Arithon system straight to your own company website as well as job boards all in one click via RSS feed, saving you time and effort once again. Arithon also supports plug – ins which enable customizing the functionality of various applications.

If you want your business to grow now and for the future then make social media part of your company’s recruitment mix.