Arithon Recruitment Software

Centralised Data

If you are operating in different countries around the globe, it can be difficult to organise and store data. With Arithon this is not the case. You can rest assured that we will store all of your company’s information in one centralised location, keeping it all in the one place. This simply eases the accessibility of information.

Now, one file can be updated by many users creating a centralised point of information. By centralising all data, time is no longer wasted on resources spent looking for paperwork, correcting errors and follow paper trails to maintain traceability.

Whether you want one single shared master database, or perhaps share only client information or vacancy information,  or operate completely seperate franchisees, Arithon can customise our security and database configuration to suit the needs of your franchise business.

No other provider can allow the flexibility that Arithon can offer in handling your segmentation or group structure.

Another problem is accountability, as manual filing systems can be inaccurate and records can be lost or even falsified. The true value for international companies is the centralised repository of data reducing administration duties and saving time for management locating files and records.