Arithon Recruitment Software

Managing Candidate Pool

For large corporate companies, managing the candidate pool is no easy task for the recruitment manager. Most corporate companies have an extensive list of potential candidates. And over time it can amass and become difficult to keep track and remain organised.

Arithon makes managing the candidate pool much simpler in more ways than one. Our candidate management tools will help your recruiting team to quickly locate, track, and manage the best applicants for each open requisition.

    - Arithon automatically sorts and files candidate information.
    - You will reduce your hiring costs through candidate pool leveraging.
    - You will have quick access to data on all candidates.
    - Arithon also enables the creation of customized candidate fields for better management of the candidate pool.

Major features of Arithon’s candidate management process include:

CV Parsing:
Supported by Daxtra technology our parser will automatically extract all relevant information from the CV and input it directly into the Arithon system.

Powerful Search: 
Searches within the Arithon system allowing the consultant to sort through not only candidate details, but also any notes, conversations, and attachments relating to this record.

Full CRM :
Our CRM system enables your company to quickly and easily manage all of your existing candidate contacts in one centralised location making it simple and easy to maintain a clear overview of all the commercial activities   

Email Campaign Tracking:
The Arithon email tracking system allows Arithon users to know exactly what has happened to their emails that have been sent. Track all your email communication with candidates, clients and client contacts within the Arithon system.

Diary management: 
Whether you are a recruitment manager or a consultant, Arithon’s diary management system is an essential tool for any contemporary recruitment group.

Management reporting:
Reports can be correlated at any time from your systems activities over any specified time period.