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Your best work,
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Whichever end of the placement process your business is in,
people are at the core of everything you do. It’s about making
contacts, but more importantly, it’s about the calibre of the
candidates you can source. We specialise in adding value to your
business through our user-focused, recruitment software solutions
which empower your business more than any other.

Minimise your admin costs instantly

Unlike other providers, Arithon works hard to add value to your business processes without crippling your cash flows. With personable support and system upgrades as standard, you experience the value immediately. At Arithon, we ensure that your most valued asset is ever secure and always developing.

Optimise your team’s performance

More and more, professionals within the industry are reaping the benefits of their move to online information systems. Arithon enables user access on the move, external system backup, rigorous system analysis and monitoring, in the most cost effective manner.

Minimise your admin costs instantly

Talent management is a pressing issue for all business. With that, the right placement information system is an essential tool for any discerning recruiting professional.


Start Up Agencies

Arithon offers you the perfect

CRM database that handles your

needs, now and for the future.

Arithon essentially allows users

to spend less time reviewing

applicant qualifications, saving

Your business time and money.

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Mid-Size Agencies

We grow with your company’s

needs. The fact that we are a

SaaS means that you only pay

for what you use. Our

customisation tool allows us to

tailor make a solution specifically

Your to meet your company’s requirements

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Corporate agencies

Large corporate companies and

conglomerates have their own

issues to worry about being a

multi-sector. Arithon designed

this ideal corporate package

taking all of this into


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We take pride in the product we’ve built and the recruiters that we’ve helped thus far with an easy-to-use applicant tracking system that is unsurpassed in it's performance.


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