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We offer you an extensive list of great products and solutions. At
Arithon, we are consistently updating and creating new products
and features ensuring that our clients will always remain a step
ahead of the competition.

We provide our clients with the most up to date, cost effective and easy to use software. We
release new products and features to our software regularly ensuring that our clients have the
best product on the market before anyone else.

At Arithon, we understand that every client is unique. We give our clients the opportunity to
choose the specific features they would like to incorporate into their software and we will
customize it especially to meet their requirements. At Arithon we grow with our clients’ needs.
Along with our products we will offer you 360 support ensuring good speed and accessibility,
anytime, anywhere.


Finders Keepers

The need for fast, precise locating of candidate or client data is
vital for any recruitment business. A database displays its true
value when supported by advanced data mining capabilities. On
this point and others, Arithon delivers.

Powerful search.

Searches within the Arithon system allowing the consultant to sort through not only candidate
details, but also any notes, conversations, and attachments relating to this record. Search results
are displayed clearly and available as a list view for further processing.

Advanced search capabilities.

Advanced search capabilities allow for within field/document/record searches. The accuracy and ease of using Arithon’s search facilities adds further value for your consultants. This data is your agency’s key asset. Prompt and precise data access with Arithon allows your consultants to put this data into action without delay.

Multimedia search.

Arithon understands that today, social media plays a major role within the recruitment process in the sourcing of candidates. One of the most obvious examples is the explosion of recruiters now using LinkedIn as a tool for sourcing candidates.

At Arithon we want to make sure that our customers are firmly at the fore front of this new social media trend, so we have developed “Arithon’s MultiMatch™”. This feature simultaneously searches sites including LinkedIn, Monster, Google and others for C.V’s that match your requirements and sends back all matches to the user. Then with one click you can import the C.V directly into Arithon.

Saved Search.

With Arithon’s new saved search feature you can now save
frequently used searched or indeed any search in Arithon
to save time and effort by eliminating the need to key in
search criteria.

Radius search.

Recruiters need access to precise searches to quickly and easily retrieve highly relevant results. With Arithon’s radius search feature, it simply allows recruiters to search for candidates based on their proximity to the role.


Screen more, quickly and accurately.

Discover Arithon’s CV parsing feature. This remarkable, industry
leading technology is propelling recruitment forward.

Candidate reports.

This feature is an ideal compliment to Arithon’s email import feature. As you import your emails from your various accounts into Arithon, this feature parses or “reads” attached CVs and subsequently creates and updates a candidate record.

You never have to do the same task twice.

This process eliminates the repetitive, tiresome task of manually importing this data. Not only does this feature automatically extract key contact details for your candidate records, but it also has the ability to identify and export candidate skills data to their respective records.


A more adaptive workflow.

Arithon differentiates itself from generic ATS systems through its
adaptive workflow technology which uses intelligent
components to automatically adapt the recruitment workflow
prompting the user on the next action.

Our adaptive workflow technology ensures greater
harmonisation across a recruitment team in
delivering best practice recruitment processes and
offers dramatically improved efficiency.

How does it work?

At Arithon, rather than recording an activity that has already been done, our
software is pushing the consultant to take the next step. Our workflow
technology allows consultants to work for their role and adapt to the choices
they make. As the Arithon user works their way through the recruitment
process they are frequently updated as to what step they are now at
in the recruitment process.


A pixel between you and the

information you’re looking for.

At any time, reports can be correlated from your system’s

activities over any specified period. These reports can have a

multitude of benefits for recruitment decision makers. With

reports acting as a tangible sales tool, pitching for business

using this data pays real dividends.

Agency Performance Indicators

  • Number of clients and candidates added to your database.
  • Number of positions filled.
  • Number of candidates placed.
  • Number of interviews scheduled.
  • Activity levels with clients.
  • Over 20 Predefined Reports.
  • Advertising Effectiveness Indicators

  • Leads generated from adverts.
  • Candidate response rates to advertised jobs.
  • Track placements to advertising mediums.
  • Track email campaigns performance /Click Rate/Open Rate.


    Engage your employees for
    better outcomes.

    In these tough times it’s important to be able to communicate
    quickly with your candidates. Arithon allows you to send text
    messages to your candidates. Arithon allows you to send text
    messages to your candidates in bulk at the single click of a
    button on screen directly from your Arithon account.

    Bulk SMS.

    Candidates can reply to the messages and any responses are automatically imported into the system so that every consultant can see what has gone on and what messages were sent.

    If you need to send a message to multiple candidates in one go, Arithon provides you with bulk messaging facilities.

    Email campaign tracking.

    The Arithon email tracking system allows Arithon users to know exactly what has happened
    to their emails that have been sent. Track all your email communication candidates,
    clients and client contacts within the Arithon system.

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