Arithon Recruitment Software

CV Parsing & Email

Arithon has developed two main features that will improve staff output and the efficiency of the recruitment process and will help you to make more placements in less time.

These features are: CV Parsing and Email import.

This remarkable, industry leading technology is propelling recruitment forward and by eliminating the repetitive and unnecessary tasks involved, these features will give you more time to spend on making more placements.

The Email import feature allows Arithon to import all the clients’ emails from various accounts and tag them within the Arithon system, which effectively means that all emails are located in one centralised location.

The CV Parsing feature is an ideal complement to Arithon's Email Import feature. As you import your emails from your various accounts into Arithon, this feature based on “Daxtra” technology parses or 'reads' all attached CVs and subsequently creates and updates a candidate record automatically.

CV Parsing eliminates the repetitive, tiresome task of manually importing this data. Not only does this incredible feature extract key contact details for your candidate records, but it can also identify and export candidate skills data to their respective records.

If you would like to find out more about our CV Parsing and Email Import features please complete the demonstration form below and we will email you a username and password so that you can get your free demo today.