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Online Timesheets

Today’s fast paced business world has forced recruitment professionals and agencies to continually evaluate and update their business processes in order to maintain competitive advantage and drive efficiency. This pressure is heightened where temporary placements are involved, with short deployment times and fast movement of staff.

In 2011, Arithon acquired online timesheet software company enabling us to offer   a range of new temp management services to our clients.

Timesheet integration is a fully hosted, Software-as-a-Service, which provides clients with an easy and efficient way to log staff times, schedule temps availability and get sign off from their clients. This product streamlines the processing and approval of timesheets creating significant savings in the administration and payment of temporary staff. 

With Arithon’s timesheet integration, we have made life even easier, demonstrating once again Arithon’s continued commitment to providing our clients with a sustainable competitive advantage through the effective use of technology. This is why Arithon is the preferred solution for thousands of recruiters.

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