Arithon Recruitment Software

Make More Placements

Arithon software allows you to make more placements in less time, meaning you can maximise your staff output saving both time and capital for your agency.  Our features will:

- Improve Efficiencies in staff output
Using Arithon’s Adaptive Workflow Technology this will prompt the user onto the next action skipping out all the unnecessary steps of the hiring process getting the job done quicker and just as effectively.

- Find the best candidates faster
Thanks to Arithon’s unique data mining capabilities along with the accuracy and ease of using Arithon’s search facilities, allows candidates to find the right people for the job more efficiently. This means that clients can stay ahead of their clients and get their candidates in the position first.

- Engage more with Social Media
With Arithon, now being able to integrate more than ever with social media sites such as: LinkedIn, Twitter and Google it means that clients now have an even greater pool of candidates to choose from resulting in a greater number of suitable candidates to fill their job openings.

- Be ready for market changes
As Arithon is consistently updating and introducing new features to the system it means that our clients never have to worry about using out of date or obsolete technology. As the recruitment industry is a relatively crowded market, keeping up with the competition can prove to be a challenging process. With Arithon however, you don’t have to worry about your competitors. As we are a cloud based service we update new features frequently, ensuring that our clients are the first to have the newest, innovative and easy to use software on the market.  At Arithon we don’t follow, we innovate keeping our clients on top of the latest market trends.

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