Arithon Recruitment Software

Mid-Sized Agency

Streamline your recruitment process and improve your efficiency with Arithon. We are aware that the needs of small and mid-sized staffing and recruiting firms differ from those of larger organizations. As a result, small to mid-sized staffing and recruiting firms often seek small business staffing software to help them compete with the major players and secure a pattern of perpetual growth.

At Arithon we grow with your companies needs therefore we get bigger as you you get bigger. The fact that we are a SaaS ( Software as a service) means that you only pay for what you use. Our customisation tool allows us to tailor make a solution specifically to meet your company’s requirements.

For middle agency recruiters who may find that your business expanding and growing rapidly, where you and your employees are finding it difficult to manage the heavy administration duties associated with recruitment such as reading and collecting CV’s. You can now avail of features such as C.V parsing which automatically extracts key data from the candidates C.V directly in putting it into the Arithon system.

We offer a competitive and scalable pricing scheme without any long term contracts. The idea for middle sized recruitment agencies is that Arithon does the administration and management for you whilst you concentrate on placing candidates and dealing with clients. Arithon can manage, automate and customise your agencies software to create a great custom business at a minimal cost.

We design a package that is tailored towards the specific needs of mid agencies which includes Automatic Adaptive Workflow, Campaign Management appeal, website integration taking your career website live quickly, so you can hire more efficiently, cut costs, and improve business performance faster. We also offer online timesheets, reducing your overall administration duties even more.

Not only is Arithon Recruitment Software more efficient but it will drastically improve the overall performance and efficiency of your company. You get every tool you need up front, meaning you only pay for what you use.