Arithon Recruitment Software

Franchise Businesses

Arithon offers a unique set of functionality specifically tailored to assist franchised businesses maximise their resources and leverage scale while securing the interest of each franchisee.

As franchise recruitment agencies are becoming more popular for the benefits they offer in scale, brand recognition and shared services, Arithon has adapted a specific set of configuration tools to suit.

Whether you want one single shared master database, or perhaps share only client information or vacancy information,  or operate completely seperate franchisees, Arithon can customise our security and database configuration to suit the needs of your franchise business.

No other provider can allow the flexibility that Arithon can offer in handling your own chinese walls or group structure.

Arithon manages all your recruitment sources such as: candidates, clients, vacancies and employees all in one centralised location so that you can monitor the company’s overall progress from every angle.