Friday Feeling… Arithon Luncheon

Our Weekly Friday lunch with the Arithon Team.!! Having a friendly and positive atmosphere is crucial in Arithon’s company culture.

Team Building has great effects for employee engagement. The team achieve a sense of accomplishment in working as a group, improve communication and employees return to the office reinvigorated.

Build relationships, build Teams, encourage friendship!



Arithon Team

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Mind the Gap

We’ve all been through a hard few years in relation to… dare i say it… the recession. Businesses closing at a marathon rate, people left unemployed, redundant or involuntarily retired and graduates basically told to leave the country!


Now, unemployment figures are at a 7 year low in the UK and Ireland isn’t far behind. But now skill shortages are being reported and HR and recruiters’ alike are finding it more difficult to recruit suitable candidates than in the previous month.

But where are those fresh young faced professionals crawling out of college.. Australia, Canada.. and now we find ourselves in a situation where the people who could really benefit the economy is the brain drain generation and well their visas haven’t expired yet.

The home office (UK) researched the link between emigration and skills shortage. The study revealed a large proportion of British citizens that emigrate are of professional or managerial occupations and as a result has future implications for the availability of skills.

This professional group accounts for almost 48% of British citizens that emigrated, with a year on year rise since the start of the global recession in 2008. Some reasons behind emigration were definite jobs and job security.

In relation to Ireland, ONE IN FOUR rural households (ROI) have seen someone emigrate since the economic crash, according to a major new study into emigration. As well as the urban/rural divide, the UCC research found definite evidence that brain drain is the most highly educated choosing to leave the country.  While 47 per cent of people aged between 25 and 34 have a third level qualification, the figure shoots up to 62 per cent when it comes to recent Irish emigrants.

In one perhaps unexpected finding, researchers at University College Cork found that almost half of the people leaving were not unemployed, but were stuck in dead-end and poorly-paid jobs with limited prospects.

However, the economy is showing signs of sustained recovery and job creation has been increasing year on year, month by month. With unemployment falling rapidly and most of our young professional on Bondi Beach, Where does this leave the recruitment industry?

We are now experiencing skill shortages, while these gaps were suppressed in the recession, its coming down the tunnel and employers are finding it difficult to source suitably qualified professionals. PSCo says that recent OECD figures which show that almost 1.3 million Britons with university level education are now living abroad will add to the skill shortage issue and we could be facing a serious problem. Could the recruitment sector overheat?

Brain drain contributes to shortage of skills in the market and represents a loss of resources, to curb brain drain in a country with major concerns by improving labour-market conditions locally. Experience has shown that the best way to prevent brain drain is to provide incentives to stay, rather than by imposing coercive measures to prevent emigration.

In a more mobile world, we are competing for jobs globally. Strategies and incentives for young professionals are needed to entice them home and aid the growth within both the Irish and UK Market.

So where does that leave us… Will the recruitment sector overheat, demand outgrow supply? Or will this happen naturally, as the economy builds up again, will these professionals come flooding back or is beaches and sunshine too much to leave behind?






**figures sourced from OECD, University College Cork & the journal & OnREC ** 


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Positive anything is better than negative nothing

In all realms of life it can be tricky to find positive aspects in many things we do especially if you are of a generally negative mindset.

But in the workplace, negativity not only effects your job, morale and health but your co-workers morale and general feelings towards you (does anyone like a negative Nancy?!)

Here’s a few ways to start thinking more positively towards work  to be the happiest, productive and energetic employee you can possibly be.







Plans : 

Having plans made or having something to look forward to each week (big or small), helps focus the mind on the positive little things, such as going home and curling up on the sofa (onesie & tea optional) with your favorite TV show. Or going out on the weekend to catch up with friends or your upcoming holidays from work.

Looking forward to some plan or event can help improve your mood, keep you focused and generally happy.


Ok, so i’m not a big fan of this one either, but even a small walk  does you the world of good. Going for a walk on your lunch break or even once a week can have amazing results on your attitude, stress levels and cognitive energy. Exercise will also help relax, elevate happy chemicals and increase your brain power.

A walk on the beach or even a hike is one of the best things you can do to.. room with a view will help clear your head and change that perspective.

Your health is your wealth and all that!


Not having enough sleep is so detrimental to your health, appearance and mental abilities.  In a switched on (24/7) world, Sleep is the last thing we prioritize, and we simply aren’t sleeping enough. 7-8 hours of sleep is the optimum amount of hours for a good kip!

If you have trouble switching off, avoid electronics, Tv and bright lights before bed. A book  is probably the best sleeping aid around. Chamomile tea is also good for its calming effect.









Positive mental attitude is key to be successful in shifting to a more positive mind frame.

Smiling will improve your mood and attitude, people will generally smile back and exchange positive feel good vibes. Focus on the positive aspects of your work, what you like about your job, who you like to work with or the friends you have made. If you cant find a single positive aspect about your job…. It may be time to leave.

Life is too short to do something you don’t find any way simulating or challenging. Life should be about pushing your boundaries and being fulfilled with what you want to do.

Stay away from the negatives, there is always one in the office who ALWAYS has something to complain, moan or bitch about. People can have a draining effect on your mental attitude and drag you down. Don’t listen to them, misery likes company but make sure it isn’t you!! for the love of god!!

Breaks/Mental health days 

We can all feel overwhelmed in our jobs sometimes, big project deadline approaching, just finished a large assignment. Firstly, be happy that you have completed something you found challenging or difficult and take pride in your achievements and secondly take a break. Everyone needs to re-charge and re-coup every once in a while. Take a duvet day, take a day off to spend time on your hobby, something as simple as even having a work lunch can change the mood.

Believe in yourself

We can all doubt our abilities or capabilities at times and while its normal, its how we deal with these doubts that affect our mental attitude. Never berate yourself too much and even its a small accomplishments celebrate it. The small moments can be the most defining and the ones you can get most joy out of.

So enjoy work, life and most importantly yourself, you’ll reap the rewards in the long run.

**A study has revealed that unhappy workers take an extra 15 days more a year. Also a more positive and happy worker is more likely to positively promote the company and stay longer in their position, cutting costs and increasing retention rate.**




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After a great evening in Cork for the NRF conference, here is a PR picture from the event featuring our CEO, Roderick Smyth

NRf – M&J

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Arithon, King of the cloud

Here is a case study we produced with a great client of ours, to show the benefits and synergy Arithon Recruitment Solutions provide to recruitment agencies.


Martin Mayenser case study




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What to Look For In a Recruitment Software package.

As technology increase, so does the amount of companies investing in and creating technology based functions including Recruitment software. Recruitment software has become a crucial piece of talent management, most of them claim to radically transform the way you source and recruit talent, but what should you be looking out for when choosing a recruitment software package?

The software package should be reliable, robust and comprehensive, and most importantly does it streamline your recruitment process?

Requisition Management:

Recruitment software should be created with the end user in mind, companies need to store and retrieve unlimited amount of candidates, their skills and other accumulating factors. Recruiting software should be an accessible database with functionality such as the ability to create duplicates, create, customize and manage requisitions, this should simplify the workflow process and in effect increase the productivity of the process.

CV Parsing : 

CV parsing is an ideal feature for any recruitment agency. When resumes are entered into the software, the technology parses or “reads” the resume and subsequently creates and updates candidates records automatically.

This eliminates the need for manual inputting the data. A good software will also extract key details and also identifies and export candidate skills to their record. This will save a considerable amount of time, and provide an increase in the conversion rate.


Work Flow Management:

As we move through the hiring process, recruiting software should have functionality in relation to the workflow. Records should have the ability to be customized, updated, followed up, alerts and scheduling. A great workflow process feature should allow for effective process, efficient communication both internally and externally and increase productivity due to the time saved.


Email import and campaigning : 

An email feature should also be included within the package. This feature should allow the recruiter to import all emails from various accounts, meaning all emails are located in one system.

An email campaign feature is also important aspect to recruiting agencies. This allows the process to be automated and schedule emails for a time when they are most likely a high open rate. A tracking system should also be complementary to the email campaign, this allows you to see if your emails are being received, who opened the email etc. This gives valuable information on the effectiveness of your email campaign.

The biggest benefit to email campaigns is that you can send regular targeted emails, measure the results and have complete control of how and when the emails are sent.



A fully comprehensive recruiting software package should also include a reporting and Reporting analysis function, this allows recruiters’ and management an insights into how the company
is performing overall. The reporting and analysis section will provide strong data, enabling forecasting and bench  marking.



Integration is an important component of any recruiting software as this aids talent acquisition. Recruiters use many different communicative platforms to advertise job postings. Integration with website, social media, mobile applications and others should be an application within recruitment (4)

This creates a one stop solution provider and allows recruiters to use a multiple of channels to communicate with their candidates and clients, increase their potential pool of candidates and transcend into a quicker and smoother hiring process.


Additional features : 

Other features which are useful for any recruiter would be:

Instant Alerts– This allows recruiters to deal with issues or aspects in real time. Alerts will pop up on the system if… for example the recruiter recieves an email reply, SMS reply or alerts from colleagues and management.

Bulk and Two-way SMS–  This feature will not only allow recruiters to send SMS to a unlimited amount of candidates, but will also allow candidates to reply straight back to texts and have it recorded on the software.   This application will also provide an instant notification in the chat bar.

Geo- located– A radius search feature allows recruiter to search candidates based on their proximity to the potential work place.

With the geo coding feature and radius search you can determine the distance between candidate and job location.


However some of the most basic features is where recruitment software can go wrong. The speed of processing, ease of use and functionality and utilization. Recruiting software should be easy to navigate with a simple process or lay-out, it should enable recruiters to source, develop and nurture talent both internally and externally without headaches and hours wasted trying to figure out the interface.


**Arithon, from recruitment software to fully integrated websites and mobile app’s. Arithon produces a range of tools to enhance the performance and operation of recruitment agencies. ** 

4590105996   Twitter









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Recruitment Trends


As the business world adapts to an evolving and rapidly changing environment, it can be difficult to know how to predict, follow and adapt to emerging or current trends.No technology or trend gives you all the answers, clients or candidates but it should be leveraged into your marketing strategy and culture to maximize the impact technology and new software tools create.

Businesses have shifted from profit focused objectives to customer experience driven shifting-trends-and-the-world-aheadobjectives, which just show the power the customer now has. Business is all about creating positive experiences for your customers.

Technology has made recruitment cost effective, more productive and generally greater output in turn fostering client and candidate relationships and loyalty.  To help our recruiters stay ahead of the game, we have created a list of emerging or current trends within the recruitment sector.

Social Media:

There is no denying the fact that social media networks have become a huge part of both society and businesses. It has transformed how people interact and how businesses advertise and engage their audience. As you can expect more will come and more will fade out. Social media is about engaging and advertising to your audience, so analyzing where your core audience is is important. Personally I think the two best mediums for this is, of course LinkedIn and Twitter.

However, many overlook more obscure social networks.  Pinterest could be a creative way to advertise job listings, an infographic or an eye catching pin could be a way to create content in a somewhat unexpected and unusual social channel. This will also present the opportunity to increase your visual content.

Snapchat is also a social network which is overlooked by businesses. A bar in Dublin conducted a social experiment using snapchat as a recruitment tool. The response was snapchatoverwhelming and the bar received 200 applicants within the first hour.

There is a huge need to interact and utilize emerging mediums. It may also capture potential candidates interest and bring a bit of fun into the applicant process.

Social Job Boards:

There will also be a shift into integrating social media and job listing. As LinkedIn has paved the way, start-ups and other job boards will begin to become more social, for example communities, forums, industry news etc. This will again engage the job seeker, provide them with more information and insight and provide the recruiter with more information. .

Out with the old in with the new:

While many aspects of the recruitment process have changed, become more complex and attention grabbing, strangely resumes are still as generic as ever.

However, there seems to be a shift in that job seekers have produce a fun and attention grabbing approach to resume creation. In a hugely competitive career environment, job seekers are desperate to stand out from the crowd, and that is almost impossible if your resume is sitting in a pile of generally similar formatted resumes. Embrace and encourage this, it keeps you excited about new candidates. It also says a lot about the candidate, if they are willing to create something that unique it can show a glimpse into their personality and their general work ethic.

Who wouldn’t want to see a resume like this on a their desk Monday morning


Cloud Based Recruitment Software:

There is a shift from CRM databases to cloud based CRM software. This allows the marketing campaign to be more personalized, engaging, and shaping a new client/candidate experience.

There is no extra installation as its internet generated, cost effective and allows effective communication with colleagues in real time.  Again as technology advances, we have more tools and information than ever before. There is a never-ending trend to create new innovative tools to best serve the requirements of the new social recruiting process.

images (1)

Stop, Collaborate and listen:

Decision- making is slowly becoming a collaborative experience throughout the company. Decisions aren’t confined to just senior level anymore. Employees are our best source of ideas, creativity and solutions. They are dealing with the candidates and clients and will have a lot of insight as to what is going on in the environment.



People are on the go, and with your mini – laptop aka our mobile devices, we can pretty much do everything on our phones. Mobile integration is key to recruiters especially if recruiting the younger and tech savvy generation.

Indeed has determined 50% of job applications now take place on mobile devices. As the market is so fragmented, we need to meet and reach out to the candidate, rather than the candidate choosing you out 50 others recruitment agencies.

HR And Marketing:

While these may seem like two different disciplines, they are extremely interlinked. After all they are both about people, and how to boost sales. HR departments and recruiters should take a marketing perspective or work closely with their marketing dept when choosing strategies, and objectives. They are both about serving the needs of the people and fostering engagement and loyalty.


Like I have said, building customer loyalty is important. Gone are the days of your first job
being your job for life and people generally move jobs every two years. Who they gonna call?

Hopefully You, therefore you need to maintain a close and friendly relationship with candidates and an efficient, professional, helpful and engaging recruiter can be just the thing to have the candidate coming back to your agency.



Generally marketers are the only ones to get excited about large chunks of data, and it had been a “thing” that only marketers have used data. However there has been a shift to other roles and sectors using data and metrics. Analytics and data can be used as an indicator to your overall  performance, customer acquisition, and Return on Investment. As a result data can be an indicator as to what works and what doesn’t work for your company.

Any other trends you have heard of.. Any trends you thought would be long-term but fizzled quickly. Any futuristic trends you think may be here in the near future? Robot interviewers? Hologram resumes? 

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Social Media Transforming the Recruitment Sector

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google +, Tumbler, Instagram…

Social Media hasn’t only shifted how people interact with one another; it has shifted how businesses do business, including the recruitment industry and recruitment software. There is no denying that social media has taken over the internet and in some cases people’s lives. Good and bad conations aside, social media is an integral part in the recruitment industry helping to simplify the recruitment process.

The popularity of social media has enable recruiters to improve the reach and quality of candidates, as they can cast their nets further afield. While personally, I don’t think social media is about sourcing candidates. Employers and recruiters can access additional information on candidates such as their interests, how they use social media and just a general feel of their personality. Digital and social media marketing employers would be extremely interested in how a candidate utilizes their own social media accounts as it can be used as an indicator in how effectively they use the channels. Social media accounts may be a deciding factor for employers when deciding between applicants, especially if both applicants are fitting the criteria.

Social Media also makes it easier to share jobs and allows companies to measure their performance and give an indicator of how well known your company is. It is time effective, cost saving and reduces the considerable amount of paper and time used by recruiters in years before. It has turned recruitment on its head.

While LinkedIn would be the most dominated social media outlet used within the recruitment sector, Facebook and the likes are great for engaging clients and candidates and reinforcing the company’s ethos. This can help foster loyalty with candidates.

On the other hand, job seekers now find it easier to source and apply for positions, network and connect with industry professional and thought leaders. It has made passive into proactive, with a few taps and clicks. As technology moves away from the desktop and on to the mobile, it is easier for candidates to job hunt on the go. Social media can also provide job seekers access to industry insight, in turn producing a higher caliber of candidates who are informed and prepared when the interview comes.

With all that being noted, recruiters could utilize social media the most and integrate social media into their business strategies. It has improve the ease of advertising jobs, increases the reach and audience it receives, improves the ease that job seekers can apply for positions and generally enables for engagement and client and candidate loyalty.

At Arithon, we want to put you at the forefront of the largest pool of candidates and we have achieved this by combining the latest social media integration features with our Recruitment Software.

These features include:

– Google search

– LinkedIn Search

– Broadbean

– Twitter.

Arithon understands that speed is a key factor in the recruitment industry. With Arithon software your candidates can be kept up to date automatically and in real time with the latest news, job postings and information via RSS feed to Twitter and LinkedIn without having to leave Arithon. This makes expanding your database and selecting candidates for vacancies far easier.

Here is an infographic sourced from synthesio to show the influence and part social media plays within today’s connected world


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Soldiers of Fortune

In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no-one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team”.

Well, what an interesting week that was! It’s not often that your Boss asks you to jump in the GMC A-Team van and travel through the UK completing missions with Face, Hannibal, Murdock and BA but that’s what I’ve been up to as Arithon sponsored OnlyMarketingJobs’ latest campaign.


The idea was kick started one (drunken) evening by Simon Lewis, Co-Founder at OMJ, who wanted a unique PR stunt which could involve their clients. The A-Team tour was decided upon and a sponsor was required so we decided to pitch in and spread the #LoveArithon message. And we do love it when a plan comes together.

Monday 16th June started with a quick hop on the train to Leeds where we picked up the awesome vehicle.  Owner, Richard of Eggleston Limo’s imported a white GMC van that was converted to an exact replica of the A-Team van complete with guns, hand grenades, CB radio, flashing lights and loud speakers for the theme tune! It’s truly an eye catcher; particularly when BA was sat up front, mask and chains on and we quickly lost count of the number of people that beeped horns, gave thumbs up, smiled, laughed or stopped dead in their tracks to take photos. At times we literally stopped traffic whilst posing with clients! We heard the theme tune a lot over the course of the week! And yes, the quote at the top of the blog was (almost) done from memory!


We met some great people from Met Marketing, Network Marketing, Forward Role, Perfect Pearl Solutions, Adam Recruitment, Blue Skies (all 3 of their offices), The Candidate, Pitch Consulting, 2nd City Resourcing, Blue Tree Recruits, Sauce Recruitment and Cloud Nine Recruitment! It was a pleasure to meet you all and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!


Pitch Consulting


Blue Skies Careers


Blue Tree Recruits


Perfect Pearl Solutions

You’ll find more photos and content on Twitter via @topdogjobs, @arithonrs or #omjtour with a video coming soon which includes Face sustaining an injury whilst fighting missions on an industrial waste site, BA launching a snickers bar (very hard) at Murdoch’s head and Hannibal walking fully clothed out of the River Thames! Not to mention jumping over walls, climbing out of trucks, rolling down hills and a gun toting car chase.

To summarise, it’s been a jolly good laugh and hopefully we managed to spread a little Arithon love along the way. After a few too many escapades the A-Team have now gone back into hiding but who knows, maybe they’ll reunite again one day.

Of course, we couldn’t have had this much fun without an invite from the fab’ team at OMJ so thanks to you all and in particular our comrades for the week; Simon Lewis, Jonathan Kinchin, Craig Taylor and Dan Ashdown – we salute you.

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Global Recruiters Industry Awards 2014


Now entering its fifth year, one of the Recruitment industry’s’ largest award show is literally around the corner.  The awards take place at the Café de Paris, Coventry Street, London on the 26th of June (3pm- 6pm).

The awards are hotly contested, with the elite of the recruitment industry all in the same place at the same time.  The awards are shaping up to be an exciting and competitive year, honoring the industry’s’ finest.

Looking forward to an exceptional evening encased in a passionate atmosphere.  For additional information and list of the finalists and categories please visit:

We wish all the finalists the best of luck!!

UK Awards_web



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