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Thinking of Changing your CRM? It’s a little like a heart transplant!

Some very good advice offered by Lisa Jones of Barclay Jones recently that I thought to add to: Original Post: There is one other challenge that seems to be missed in most cases when looking for the right CRM … Continue reading

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In mid October, LinkedIn presented a preview of its Talent Pipeline product at their TalentConnect conference in Las Vegas. It’s a simple and free addition to LinkedIn Recruiter which allows the recording of notes and tracking of prospects. Though it … Continue reading

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Is LinkedIn eating recruitment?

Having just read an excellent post by Michael Overall on (, along with some divergent opinions in the comments I thought I might offer my view of the effect of LinkedIn. First, I do recommend you read Michael’s post … Continue reading

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Arithon sponsors the Recruitment Technology Event – We hope to see you there.

Arithon Recruitment Software look forward to sponsoring the upcoming Recruitment Technology Showcase that is due to take place on September 27th. The event, that is hosted by UK Recruiter is set to be the best recruitment showcases to take place … Continue reading

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Are you a Recruiting Machine?

Finally, a chance for the best recruiters in the world to be recognised for their outstanding achievement. Recruitment is a tough business and hard work always deserves reward. This is the first month of the ‘Recruit This’ Awards. The competition … Continue reading

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Your Candidates Behaviour Is Changing, What Are You Doing About It?

Have you ever asked yourself, if your candidates and clients are getting a good user experience from your recruitment website? Well you should!                                                                            People’s relationship and behaviour with technology is changing ,and as people become more and more reliant on … Continue reading

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‘Adapting to Change’ in Today’s Recruitment Environment.

Having attended the ‘Adapting to Change’ briefing at the Dublin Chamber of Commerce, it is clear that there is a lot to consider in the global recruitment industry, and many factors that affect recruitment in today’s world. The ‘Adapting to … Continue reading

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Recruitment is Going Mobile.

Many recruiters wonder what are the benefits of having a mobile app for their business? In answer to this question….Many! This is the same question that many businesses asked in the early days of .com. Now we have all seen … Continue reading

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Arithon Recruitment Software Launches its New Website.

Arithon Recruitment Software is pleased to announce the launch of its new website. Specialising in cloud-based recruitment CRM solutions, Arithon have relaunched their website with a focus on providing the in depth information to users. Providing its users with easily … Continue reading

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The Future ATS

We recently had a discussion pre, during & post the recent truDublin event promoted by SocialTalent ( and @BillBoorman about what the future ATS looks like. some of the discussion was captured on video here: This topic is very interesting … Continue reading

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