Social Media Transforming the Recruitment Sector

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google +, Tumbler, Instagram…

Social Media hasn’t only shifted how people interact with one another; it has shifted how businesses do business, including the recruitment industry and recruitment software. There is no denying that social media has taken over the internet and in some cases people‚Äôs lives. Good and bad conations aside, social media is an integral part in the recruitment industry helping to simplify the recruitment process.

The popularity of social media has enable recruiters to improve the reach and quality of candidates, as they can cast their nets further afield. While personally, I don’t think social media is about sourcing candidates. Employers and recruiters can access additional information on candidates such as their interests, how they use social media and just a general feel of their personality. Digital and social media marketing employers would be extremely interested in how a candidate utilizes their own social media accounts as it can be used as an indicator in how effectively they use the channels. Social media accounts may be a deciding factor for employers when deciding between applicants, especially if both applicants are fitting the criteria.

Social Media also makes it easier to share jobs and allows companies to measure their performance and give an indicator of how well known your company is. It is time effective, cost saving and reduces the considerable amount of paper and time used by recruiters in years before. It has turned recruitment on its head.

While LinkedIn would be the most dominated social media outlet used within the recruitment sector, Facebook and the likes are great for engaging clients and candidates and reinforcing the company’s ethos. This can help foster loyalty with candidates.

On the other hand, job seekers now find it easier to source and apply for positions, network and connect with industry professional and thought leaders. It has made passive into proactive, with a few taps and clicks. As technology moves away from the desktop and on to the mobile, it is easier for candidates to job hunt on the go. Social media can also provide job seekers access to industry insight, in turn producing a higher caliber of candidates who are informed and prepared when the interview comes.

With all that being noted, recruiters could utilize social media the most and integrate social media into their business strategies. It has improve the ease of advertising jobs, increases the reach and audience it receives, improves the ease that job seekers can apply for positions and generally enables for engagement and client and candidate loyalty.

At Arithon, we want to put you at the forefront of the largest pool of candidates and we have achieved this by combining the latest social media integration features with our Recruitment Software.

These features include:

– Google search

– LinkedIn Search

– Broadbean

– Twitter.

Arithon understands that speed is a key factor in the recruitment industry. With Arithon software your candidates can be kept up to date automatically and in real time with the latest news, job postings and information via RSS feed to Twitter and LinkedIn without having to leave Arithon. This makes expanding your database and selecting candidates for vacancies far easier.

Here is an infographic sourced from synthesio to show the influence and part social media plays within today’s connected world


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