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As the business world adapts to an evolving and rapidly changing environment, it can be difficult to know how to predict, follow and adapt to emerging or current trends.No technology or trend gives you all the answers, clients or candidates but it should be leveraged into your marketing strategy and culture to maximize the impact technology and new software tools create.

Businesses have shifted from profit focused objectives to customer experience driven shifting-trends-and-the-world-aheadobjectives, which just show the power the customer now has. Business is all about creating positive experiences for your customers.

Technology has made recruitment cost effective, more productive and generally greater output in turn fostering client and candidate relationships and loyalty.  To help our recruiters stay ahead of the game, we have created a list of emerging or current trends within the recruitment sector.

Social Media:

There is no denying the fact that social media networks have become a huge part of both society and businesses. It has transformed how people interact and how businesses advertise and engage their audience. As you can expect more will come and more will fade out. Social media is about engaging and advertising to your audience, so analyzing where your core audience is is important. Personally I think the two best mediums for this is, of course LinkedIn and Twitter.

However, many overlook more obscure social networks.  Pinterest could be a creative way to advertise job listings, an infographic or an eye catching pin could be a way to create content in a somewhat unexpected and unusual social channel. This will also present the opportunity to increase your visual content.

Snapchat is also a social network which is overlooked by businesses. A bar in Dublin conducted a social experiment using snapchat as a recruitment tool. The response was snapchatoverwhelming and the bar received 200 applicants within the first hour.

There is a huge need to interact and utilize emerging mediums. It may also capture potential candidates interest and bring a bit of fun into the applicant process.

Social Job Boards:

There will also be a shift into integrating social media and job listing. As LinkedIn has paved the way, start-ups and other job boards will begin to become more social, for example communities, forums, industry news etc. This will again engage the job seeker, provide them with more information and insight and provide the recruiter with more information. .

Out with the old in with the new:

While many aspects of the recruitment process have changed, become more complex and attention grabbing, strangely resumes are still as generic as ever.

However, there seems to be a shift in that job seekers have produce a fun and attention grabbing approach to resume creation. In a hugely competitive career environment, job seekers are desperate to stand out from the crowd, and that is almost impossible if your resume is sitting in a pile of generally similar formatted resumes. Embrace and encourage this, it keeps you excited about new candidates. It also says a lot about the candidate, if they are willing to create something that unique it can show a glimpse into their personality and their general work ethic.

Who wouldn’t want to see a resume like this on a their desk Monday morning


Cloud Based Recruitment Software:

There is a shift from CRM databases to cloud based CRM software. This allows the marketing campaign to be more personalized, engaging, and shaping a new client/candidate experience.

There is no extra installation as its internet generated, cost effective and allows effective communication with colleagues in real time.  Again as technology advances, we have more tools and information than ever before. There is a never-ending trend to create new innovative tools to best serve the requirements of the new social recruiting process.

images (1)

Stop, Collaborate and listen:

Decision- making is slowly becoming a collaborative experience throughout the company. Decisions aren’t confined to just senior level anymore. Employees are our best source of ideas, creativity and solutions. They are dealing with the candidates and clients and will have a lot of insight as to what is going on in the environment.



People are on the go, and with your mini – laptop aka our mobile devices, we can pretty much do everything on our phones. Mobile integration is key to recruiters especially if recruiting the younger and tech savvy generation.

Indeed has determined 50% of job applications now take place on mobile devices. As the market is so fragmented, we need to meet and reach out to the candidate, rather than the candidate choosing you out 50 others recruitment agencies.

HR And Marketing:

While these may seem like two different disciplines, they are extremely interlinked. After all they are both about people, and how to boost sales. HR departments and recruiters should take a marketing perspective or work closely with their marketing dept when choosing strategies, and objectives. They are both about serving the needs of the people and fostering engagement and loyalty.


Like I have said, building customer loyalty is important. Gone are the days of your first job
being your job for life and people generally move jobs every two years. Who they gonna call?

Hopefully You, therefore you need to maintain a close and friendly relationship with candidates and an efficient, professional, helpful and engaging recruiter can be just the thing to have the candidate coming back to your agency.



Generally marketers are the only ones to get excited about large chunks of data, and it had been a “thing” that only marketers have used data. However there has been a shift to other roles and sectors using data and metrics. Analytics and data can be used as an indicator to your overall  performance, customer acquisition, and Return on Investment. As a result data can be an indicator as to what works and what doesn’t work for your company.

Any other trends you have heard of.. Any trends you thought would be long-term but fizzled quickly. Any futuristic trends you think may be here in the near future? Robot interviewers? Hologram resumes? 

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