Recruiter Perceptions of Software and Technology Use | Industry View 2014

As a Recruitment Technology Software company, we know there can be some preconceived notions in relation to barriers of technology implementation by recruitment agencies especially in the case of small businesses.


But what are the most common barriers, we investigate what recruiters views on technology really is! Is it worth while?

Software Advice, a company that reviews software, has conducted a survey to determine HR professionals views on Technology use, with commentary provided by Matt Charney, executive director of Recruiting Daily and champion of recruiting technology.

Here are some of the findings:

  1. The vast majority of recruiters (89 percent) said that recruiting technology was either“extremely” or “very” important for performing their jobs well.
  2. Of recruiters who did not use recruiting technology or software, 50 percent noted that a limited budget was an extremely significant obstacle to adoption.
  3. Ninety-five percent of recruiters using software/technology noted that they had minimal difficulty learning to use it.

Some have suggested that recruiters are falling behind in their adoption of software, but the tide seems to be turning and the poll found that 91% are using some form of recruiting technology or software. While small number of the recruiters polled suggest that technology was “not at all important” for high performance.

Recruiter Perception 1 (1)

Importance of software to job performance

Software advice also polled recruiters on the obstacles they face which refrain the use of technology. Budget, ease of use and security were the three most common answers.

Budget was by far the stand alone in the survey as 50% said their lack of software was due to limiting financial capabilities. Meanwhile 25% said software is too complicated and others thought the tried and tested way (manual) is the best way.

However do the benefits of software outweigh the costs?

Well apparently yes, a whopping 93% felt their software was either “extremely” or “very beneficial” compared to costs. 

Other barriers to implementation is the perception that the software may be difficult to use or difficult to master. However,  95% either “strongly” or “somewhat” agreed that it was easy for them and/or their team to learn how to use their recruiting software/technology.

Another barrier to implementation is security issues (we all know about the celeb hack last month) but in fact, 91 % were either “extremely” or “very confident”  that their data was securely stored—and none of the respondents reported being “not at all confident” in their data security.

Barriers to Implementation

Barriers to Implementation

While we see there are some barriers to implementation, the perceptions can be misleading. Ease to use and security are issues when considering to purchase a software, but aren’t seen as issues when software has been implemented, so it seems this fears often fade quite quickly once the recruiter has begun to use the software.

Like most sectors, cost is the biggest barrier to implementation.


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