Positive anything is better than negative nothing

In all realms of life it can be tricky to find positive aspects in many things we do especially if you are of a generally negative mindset.

But in the workplace, negativity not only effects your job, morale and health but your co-workers morale and general feelings towards you (does anyone like a negative Nancy?!)

Here’s a few ways to start thinking more positively towards work  to be the happiest, productive and energetic employee you can possibly be.







Plans : 

Having plans made or having something to look forward to each week (big or small), helps focus the mind on the positive little things, such as going home and curling up on the sofa (onesie & tea optional) with your favorite TV show. Or going out on the weekend to catch up with friends or your upcoming holidays from work.

Looking forward to some plan or event can help improve your mood, keep you focused and generally happy.


Ok, so i’m not a big fan of this one either, but even a small walk  does you the world of good. Going for a walk on your lunch break or even once a week can have amazing results on your attitude, stress levels and cognitive energy. Exercise will also help relax, elevate happy chemicals and increase your brain power.

A walk on the beach or even a hike is one of the best things you can do to.. room with a view will help clear your head and change that perspective.

Your health is your wealth and all that!


Not having enough sleep is so detrimental to your health, appearance and mental abilities.  In a switched on (24/7) world, Sleep is the last thing we prioritize, and we simply aren’t sleeping enough. 7-8 hours of sleep is the optimum amount of hours for a good kip!

If you have trouble switching off, avoid electronics, Tv and bright lights before bed. A book  is probably the best sleeping aid around. Chamomile tea is also good for its calming effect.









Positive mental attitude is key to be successful in shifting to a more positive mind frame.

Smiling will improve your mood and attitude, people will generally smile back and exchange positive feel good vibes. Focus on the positive aspects of your work, what you like about your job, who you like to work with or the friends you have made. If you cant find a single positive aspect about your job…. It may be time to leave.

Life is too short to do something you don’t find any way simulating or challenging. Life should be about pushing your boundaries and being fulfilled with what you want to do.

Stay away from the negatives, there is always one in the office who ALWAYS has something to complain, moan or bitch about. People can have a draining effect on your mental attitude and drag you down. Don’t listen to them, misery likes company but make sure it isn’t you!! for the love of god!!

Breaks/Mental health days 

We can all feel overwhelmed in our jobs sometimes, big project deadline approaching, just finished a large assignment. Firstly, be happy that you have completed something you found challenging or difficult and take pride in your achievements and secondly take a break. Everyone needs to re-charge and re-coup every once in a while. Take a duvet day, take a day off to spend time on your hobby, something as simple as even having a work lunch can change the mood.

Believe in yourself

We can all doubt our abilities or capabilities at times and while its normal, its how we deal with these doubts that affect our mental attitude. Never berate yourself too much and even its a small accomplishments celebrate it. The small moments can be the most defining and the ones you can get most joy out of.

So enjoy work, life and most importantly yourself, you’ll reap the rewards in the long run.

**A study has revealed that unhappy workers take an extra 15 days more a year. Also a more positive and happy worker is more likely to positively promote the company and stay longer in their position, cutting costs and increasing retention rate.**




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