How to attract applicants with just a job description.

With any type of advertising (because that is essentially what a job description is, an advertisement for a job vacancy) you need to stand out and ensure you reach your audience.

But how do you write an creative job advertisement? Well, fear not we are here to help.

A fresh approach and some creativity are key to allow you to stand out from the crowd. Making a good impression is imperative in grabbing the attention of job seekers. Carefully creative wording and putting thought into your writing will be the start of writing an effective job description.

Keywords are key: 

When creating content for your job description ensure you are utilizing the keywords. This will help develop its search engine ranking and the advertisement can be easily found as a result. But don’t be too obvious, repetitive use would be futile and annoying.


Get To the point: 

Job descriptions should be brief and to the point. Job seekers will generally scan the description to see if they would be suitable or not. Short sentences and bullets points is the best way to convey your message and ensure applicants can seek all relevant information quickly and with ease.


Customer perspective:

When writing a job description you should take the potential applicants’ perspective into account. What would the applicant want to know? What would motivate them to apply? What would be most significant to them?

Get Creative: 

Have fun with your job description. Use additional and “outsider” media- For example a bar in Dublin advertised a job vacancy where applicants could only apply through snapchat. They receive over 200 applicants within a day and gathered some wonderfully creative applications, as well as some free PR.

Visuals are also a great way to attract applicants. People respond to visual simulation rather than just reading text and remember it better.  Infographics or pinterest would also be a great way to promote the job vacancy.


Review, Review, Edit, Edit: 

Once you are prepare to publish your job description… DON’T!! Re-read and edit, re-read and edit. When you have immersed yourself into creative writing you may fail to notice any typos, grammar mistakes and other similars. Have a co-worker read over it – a fresh pair of eyes as they say…

If you feel unsure about publishing it, it’s ready!




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