Formulate Your Recruiting Strategies For 2015

As Christmas is around the corner (sorry for the reminder!!) we look towards the horizon of a new year.  And while 2015 looks to be a stellar one for the recruitment industry: how can we capitalize on a booming industry, maximize our scope and attract clients and candidates?

Well it all starts with a bit of strategizing. Strategic planning is critical to any business, big or small. It gives you direction, keeps you focused towards your objectives and end goals and helps create detail. We all want to know what the future holds but all we can do is plan, while focusing our energy, resources and employees towards where we would like to be within a given time frame.  It also communicates what is expect of stakeholders and their purpose within the organisation.

So recruiting strategies.. Where do we even start?

What A SWOT: 

Swot analysis is imperative to begin implementing any strategy. This analysis will illustrate your key strengths and opportunities  and how you differ from competitors. This will be your competitive edge on which you can begin to expand, differentiate and market.

Sit down with your employees and brainstorm. Recruiting consultants should be quite knowledgeable regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the company, after all they are the employees dealing with people at both ends of the business and the people who receive the feedback on your company.

Set your objectives: 

Ask yourself, what are you trying to achieve in the next year.  What is important to your business:  engagement? Increase your online presence? Direct more traffic to your website? Increase your subscribers? Acquire new candidates or clients? Improve your customer service? Or just an overall improvement in operations?

Different companies want different results and setting these objectives down in stone (well on paper) will help the planning and execution overall.

Brand the branding:

Building your employer brand is the next step. Again, collaborate with colleagues for a holistic view of achieving the best results.

Think of keywords and advantages as a starting point which you can build your brand from. Your company should feel personable, which should be viewed as its own entity, give it a persona.

Look to your competitors also, large firms will have a mass of marketers and writers within their marketing department. If a smaller company,  you should seek out what your competitors do; what do you like about the firms? What could be improved? What opportunities can arise? Researching your competitors is great way to differentiate yourself and take a few tips from the big dogs along the way.


Recruiters have several processes they need to complete before placing candidates; sourcing, selecting, and onboarding. Take these one by one and figure out how and where. What mediums are you going to use advertise job vacancies? Social media, print, own website, a combination? Many channels can be used but effectively you need to know where you audience is and advertise there. It is deemed useless if you advertise on pinterest and your audience is based on twitter. 




Recruitment software should be an integral part of the recruitment cycle, not only does it make your job somewhat easier but additional features and automation helps greatly in reducing the time spent on manual and mundane task and allows you to handle large volumes without becoming over-whelmed or stressed.

Software providers are constantly expand their features and updating their services. If using a software and happy.. good for you. If not, this is definitely something you should look to acquire in the new year.New year, new approach, new software.

Parsing, social media integration, SMS, tracking and data insights are highly sought features requested by recruiting firms.

Data Forever:

Big data is one of the buzzwords out at the minute and while marketers have background, it is relatively new to the rest of us,  but it is key to measuring your efforts. If not, it is like studying for an exam and never bothering to pick up your results. How will you know that all of that planning was fruitful?

Pick a quarter or six month previous time frame and record your results, whats working, what not? Once strategies are in place, the six months previous and six months after  implementation will provide you with an indicator of how your strategies are working.Engagement, traffic, referral and bounce rate are some key analytics.

Some aspects you may need to tweak, scrap completely or expand. This is your work report card, it’s not the end of the world either if some results are disappointing. Audience building can be difficult and no-one is a mind reader despite what those crystal ball gazers say, so don’t get frustrated if it didn’t work, something else will.

Summary : 

Recruitment Strategies are so important for an effective business, it will help you retain high quality candidates and clients. In such a fragmented industry, it is very easy to be just a grain in the sand, but it’s the company obligation to build the foundations of a sandcastle that consultants, clients and candidates build together.

While it can be easy to look at just the agency’s needs, a customer centric focused should be at the heart of strategies. Don’t think revenue or expansion, think retention and loyalty and then the revenue will follow.

On the look out: 

Some trends at the moment and going into 2015 would be an all time favorite, customer experience. If customers have a pleasant and friendly interaction with you, you will make a lasting impression, they will use you again and recommend you to others.

Group/Community  Interaction– Begin building a community base, participate in recruitment communities, start debates and share valuable and insightful content, this will enhance engagement and community management.

Attend events – You don’t have to showcase or be exhibiting at these events, they are also a great way to network and meet potential candidates and employers. Many events have seminars and guest speakers, so it’s worth while to attend for all the tips and industry leaders insight alone.

BE patient- It takes time to plan, implement and execute any strategy. If something isn’t working ask yourself why and adjust and tweak the strategies.





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