Because Happy candidates are loyal candidates.. what their experience with you?

In a relatively short amount of time, the recruitment industry has transformed drastically and so have candidates. Candidates have evolve from passive to pro-active jobseekers, due to the industry, like all, switching to more online activity. Candidates have never had it easier searching  for jobs and hundreds of recruitment agencies to pick from. OB-SZ321_0516il_D_20120516151904 So with such a fragmented and crowded market… how do you foster loyalty? Jobseekers want the best recruiting agency and companies with a superior service. That’s why marketers and recruiters need to produce something special. So how do you attract jobseekers to your agency and how do you make them stay? A positive candidate experience is your best marketing medium, as generally people with positive associations with a company or brand are more likely to refer a friend and so on. Word of mouth recommendations is the best review and free marketing around. We have complied a list of tips to help you enhance your candidates experience and have you busier for longer.

  • Personalisation– Candidates need to be treated as an individual and not a CV or number. Attention to detail such as personalized emails, a monthly check-in’s etc. are nice personal touches and the candidate will feel valued. It is crucial to keep in touch with candidates and provide an impression of your company’s brand and culture.


  • Ease, Speed, Quality– Candidates want a speedy and responsive service from recruiters. No contact, lengthy job applications and bad hiring processes may result in negative conations being associated with your company. You can be sure your candidate will tell (rant to) at least one person about the negative service they received. Job application forms that are too long can deter candidates from even applying for jobs. If it is a lengthy job application form, warn candidates how long it will take so they can prepare and allocate a time that is suitable for them.


  • Good Technology– A good recruitment solution management will unburden the recruiter of many complex duties. Cv parsing, rating systems and matching skills to job description will streamline the recruitment process and ensure the best candidates are picked. An automated email service should be included to personalize rejection letters, or unqualified responses. This allows for a speedy response and the candidate will appreciate the update (good or bad)


  • Communication– Communication can be a major pitfall in providing a positive candidate experience. Clarity in all job and company descriptions are key. Communicate regularly with your candidates to provide and receive updates, they will value this and gives an impression that you care (whether you do or not).

Poorly communicated information, no information or feedback at all is possibly the worst. Candidates will value honest, accurate and timely communication. Updates on applications and again some feedback (whether by phone or email) will be valued and appreciated. The candidate will know you are straight forward and honest creating positive feelings and connections with their recruiter.

  • First impression, Manners– Candidates should be viewed and valued as customers. And while we can all be excused from the odd horror day but emotions should be left outside the office.  In all walks of professional life you will find someone who left their manners at home and these people are a pain. Nobody wants to work with someone whose rude. Rule: Treat people how you would like to be treated.


  • Ask for feedback : After a candidate interview, the recruiter should contact the candidate to ask how it went, what they thought of the employer and any feedback they may have. If a candidate has received a position it may be nice to send a congratulations and if they have any feedback so you can improve your service. Some of it may swell your head with pride, others might leave you crying but all feedback should be taken on-board for your new candidates.

jobseeker-debate-600x310 Being considerate of the candidates and realizing they are vital to the well-being of the company and you is an important component to candidate experience. Thoughtful interactions, clear communication and the impression of value and care from the recruiter will build trust and rapport with the candidates and have them coming back to you…

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