Applicant Tracking systems are crucial to the recruitment industry, it will reduce your costs, increase retention, productivity and improve the strategic decision making process, among many other benefits.


Software Advice have published a report that revealed what buyers in 2014 are looking for when making a decision to purchase an ATS. So what are recruiters looking for when making a purchasing decision?

We have complied some of the facts and figures.

  • 61% still use manual methods to manage their candidate pools – this decreased by 6% from 2013.

  • 40% cited automation of job board/career page postings as the their top requested feature

  • Top reasons for seeking a new ATS were to increase efficiency (37%), support company growth (18%) and add missing features (14%)

  • 31% sought after reporting capabilities
  • 32% were looking for searchable database and filter
  • 29 % looking for candidate tracking.

More businesses are now seeking new ATS software, as the market evolves rapidly, recruiters need additional innovative features such as integration, search ability, CRM, automatically post jobs to boards, social media and website.

While some vendors offer the basics, buyers need and want more from their ATS software, they want mobility, accessibility to all utilized mediums and a few marketing features thrown in the mix. I think there is no denying that marketing and HR/recruitment are almost as intertwined as… as…. as these carrots (phew)


The Trend we are seeing at the moment when the economy is on the uphill path to recovery- increasing new hires and decrease the unemployment rate, we can expect ATS to be in hot demand for years to come.

*** Not that we like to brag but we offer many of the features listed such as CRM, CV & email parsing, job distribution & automated job postings and management reporting- to name but a few. You can see the full range of Arithon’s features right here —->  Arithon ***


**Facts & Figures sourced from Software Advice**


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