3 easy ways to get more from your Recruitment CRM

A new year is a brand new beginning, a chance to look ahead with a new perspective and make every day count. You might have thought about new goals at the end of 2013. If making the best of your recruitment software is not on top of your recruitment resolution list though, you should really think about what your CRM system can help you achieve and set a plan that will get you there. Cloud recruitment software is a great way to enhance your business, but the technology itself isn’t everything. Your processes have to be efficient in order to realize the full potential of your recruitment software. Consider these easy three ways to get more from your recruiting software:

1.      Personalize your automated messages

If you’re in the recruitment industry, you realize that email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach and communicate with your customers online.  But, when creating a new email campaign, you should have in mind that nobody likes to know they’re caught up in an applicant tracking system. They prefer human interactions. Automated responses are necessary to keep your processes efficient, but you can customize the email templates to make them more personal and to simulate actual human interaction. It’s worth the time! Also, your message needs to be targeted at those people who will be passionate about what you’re offering and talk about it.

2.      Create engaging job descriptions

Before advertising jobs using your recruitment software, make sure your descriptions are relevant, readable, and engaging. Look critically at the keywords you have included in the description. Keywords are not only helping you sort through resumes in your applicant tracking system, but also they can attract the right kind of talent.

3.      Share and encourage social media sharing

Social media integration is one of the greatest recruiting software tools. Use it to its best potential, but don’t forget about engaging your existing staff in the process. Most of your employees are active on at least one, if not more than one social media channel. Encourage them to like and share your company job postings and updates, to increase the views by passive candidates and participation.

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