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The Millennials- The change in the workplace

As a millennial myself, born smack dab in the middle of the generation, it seems many have a love/hate relationship with the lovable rogues of the 80’s and 90’s. We are on one hand, the bane of others, seen as … Continue reading

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Recruiter Perceptions of Software and Technology Use | Industry View 2014

As a Recruitment Technology Software company, we know there can be some preconceived notions in relation to barriers of technology implementation by recruitment agencies especially in the case of small businesses.   But what are the most common barriers, we investigate what … Continue reading

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How to attract applicants with just a job description.

With any type of advertising (because that is essentially what a job description is, an advertisement for a job vacancy) you need to stand out and ensure you reach your audience. But how do you write an creative job advertisement? … Continue reading

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Uk Recruiter Technology and supplier showcase

On Thursday the 16th of October, Arithon will be exhibiting at the UK Recruiter’s Technology showcase event. The event is held to provide the right mix of product overviews, learning session, technology debate, speed demos and informal networking. The magnificent … Continue reading

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