Thinking of Changing your CRM? It’s a little like a heart transplant!

Some very good advice offered by Lisa Jones of Barclay Jones recently that I thought to add to:

Original Post:

There is one other challenge that seems to be missed in most cases when looking for the right CRM solution. In the current UK market there are over 200 companies of varying ability purporting to offer recruitment CRM. Shortlisting down to 3 or even 5 can be a nightmare for most organisations and lead to snap decisions.

I would suggest that for anyone uses a CRM tool should be constantly researching options by attending events like the Recruitment Agency Expo or “Recruitment Technology Showcase Event” ( – the process of change doesn’t happen overnight so neither should your research.

Check with APSCO or other industry bodies and ask your other suppliers about who is well regarded – a referral from another recruiter is great, but a consistent reputation within the industry speaks volumes.

Don’t be afraid to share your long-list (probably about 15 options) with your team to see which interest them the most and start the inclusion process early, but remember to define the business priorities to avoid the pitfalls Lisa’s mentioned above.

Enjoy the process, you’re going to see s showcase of some really wonderful software this year, especially with the true cloud providers as they push the boundaries on what can be achieved with your CRM.


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