College Recruiting – What’s Important?

Recruiting employees straight out of college can prove challenging but it is a great way to keep your company current and fresh. Talented graduates can bring a lot of creativity and enthusiasm to a company. Things can get stagnant in companies after a while, especially in large, mature organisations. They can become complacent and safe. Young, new graduates can bring a fresh energy and new innovative ideas to the company. College graduates are a great resource to tap when recruiting new employees for this reason.

Many companies have realised this and the market for top graduates has become even more competitive. So many companies have realised the benefit of gaining these talented employees at a lower cost than experienced candidates, that now if you want the best graduates you really have to stand out and fight for them.

Begin Early

The top graduates often have their pick of employers and companies have to spend time enticing these potential employees to work for them. This process should begin as early as possible. The sooner the students hear about your company the better. The more they know about your company the more likely they are to consider coming to work for you after they graduate. Students often start thinking about where they would like to work long before they graduate, so talking to students at career fairs, through social media and through marketing messages aimed directly to students and colleges is important. The hiring process for students is much longer than in other situations. It can be years from when you first make contact with students to when they are ready to start work. The top graduates are less likely to consider you if the first they are hearing about you is when they are ready to graduate and are getting offers from several other companies. Building a relationship with students spanning the entirety of their academic career can help ensure that you are in students’ minds when it comes to making a decision about which company to work for.

Connect via Social Media 

Social media can also be a useful tool to use in recruiting students. The average student is part of the demographic that uses social media the most. They are very technologically savvy and have a large online presence. As part of this, they use social media in their job search, researching and interacting with the top companies they want to work with. Social media’s use and effectiveness in recruitment may be questionable, but this demographic is still the one that uses social media the most for job searches. So if you really want to be considered by these students and graduates, it is important to have an online presence. Connecting with students in a personal way will go a long way to leaving a positive impression on students, which will make them more likely to work for you later.  Part of the reason students look up companies’ social media profiles is to get a sense of what the company is like to work for. Slick, professional messages are not the best way to reach these students. Traditional recruitment messages will not be as effective as talking to them, showcasing employees’ day-to-day lives and demonstrating the company culture. Making your company as attractive as possible to graduates through social media could be the difference between them choosing to work for you or your competitor.

Be Innovative

Companies that want to recruit college graduates need to be seen as current and innovative. Students graduating now or in the near future are extremely technologically literate and will want to work somewhere that they can utilise these skills. Companies with a very poor online presence will be viewed more negatively than others. It is expected that your company will have a website, a Twitter page and a Facebook page. These things have become basic necessities for any company and without them top graduates will be less likely to consider you. This is especially true if other firms trying to recruit the same graduates are much more technologically advanced. No one wants to work for a company that seems to be stuck in the past. Innovation is important to graduates. This is why (along with the famous company culture) companies like Google are such popular employers.

Top graduates can be extremely valuable employees. The competition for the best prospects can be fierce and companies that are looking to recruit these graduates need to work hard to persuade them to work for them. The work involved in recruiting these graduates can definitely be worthwhile as they provide huge benefits for your company. Fresh talent recruited from colleges can reinvigorate a company, bringing new energy and allowing companies to become more innovative. Spending some time figuring out your strategy for recruiting the top graduates each year can end up really helping your company in the long term, as you will end up with an enthusiastic and creative team of employees that will help grow your business and keep you current.

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