All a recruiter wants for Christmas is.. technology!

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s about time to get your wish list together for 2014. But according to a recent survey conducted by, this year is not about gifts, but more about a secure work place.

This is why 77 per cent of people would work on Christmas Day if it secured them a new job, 56 per cent of people will be checking their work emails on Christmas Day this year and a third of people will be at their workplace during the Christmas period, with a further 10 per cent working from home. Only 46 per cent of workplaces are closed between Christmas and New Year.

Many people believe that companies stop hiring during winter holidays. False myth, hiring actively never stops. This is the time when companies finalize their budgets, so they’ll also know if they’ll be hiring. Many companies start their talent recruitment campaigns before the beginning of a new year. This is why recruiters are one of the categories that are extremely active over the Christmas period

Luckily enough, the times when they were using thermal fax machines are long gone. We’ve come really far in terms of technology and the flow of information. Recruiters’ work was simplified by innovative cloud recruitment software (like Arithon) that allows them to find more candidates in less time. How is that possible?

Christmas recruitment in The Cloud

With cloud computing technology, recruiters don’t need to install additional hardware or third party software, so they don’t need to own a large internal source. Cloud software provides them with data on demand, giving them the flexibility to do a full recruitment search over the festive period using a mobile phone, tablet or computer anywhere in the world.

Get Social this Christmas

In recent years, the recruitment industry has had to adapt to the changes that social media has brought in relation to the way in which recruitment agencies now source their candidates and clients.

Social recruiting is unquestionably a cost effective measure to target the new generation of workers, especially over Christmas. And recruitment software combines the latest social media integration features like Google search, LinkedIn search, Broadbean or Twitter. Candidates can be kept up to date automatically and in real time with the latest news, job postings and information via RSS feed to Twitter and LinkedIn.

Integrated Solutions

Modern cloud software includes integration with websites, mobile app, job posting, phone and online time-sheets. With these integrated solutions, recruiters can control more of the process. They can easily complete tasks over Christmas period, such as sending emails, conducting a candidate/company search and posting vacancies all at the click of a mouse from one centralized location.

Technology simply makes the entire hiring process manageable. So without delay, these are the three things that all recruiting organizations should incorporate before Christmas. Technology and the influence it has on job-search methods cannot be avoided. Recruiters have to learn about it, learn how to leverage it and make it work to their advantage.

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