Your Candidates Behaviour Is Changing, What Are You Doing About It?

Arithon Recruitment SoftwareHave you ever asked yourself, if your candidates and clients are getting a good user experience from your recruitment website?

Well you should!                                                                            People’s relationship and behaviour with technology is changing ,and as people become more and more reliant on technology, companies must ensure that they are responding.

The way that you interact online, and the way that your company is represented online is very important.

At the end of the day, people like simplicity.                                                                                 No one wants to spend more time and effort than necessary doing business online.  Making your company accessible and user-friendly for your clients and candidates is a necessity.

So make sure that it’s easy for people to interact with your company!

Use what you’ve got – all recruitment agencies have a website, right?                                This is the online face for your business. No matter what touchpoint you use to reach your candidates (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, jobs boards, etc) at one point or another they are likely to land on your company website. So their experience on your site must encourage them to want to do business with you.

The user experience of your website has a huge impact on your customer perception of your companies reputation and trust. Making sure that your website is professional, functional and simplistic will improve your customer perception of your business. With user experience and trust also becoming increasingly important aspects of search ranking, these things should not be overlooked.

Arithon Websites provide exceptional website creation and integration  specifically to the recruitment industry. Arithon website expertise provides customers with fully optimised and integrated website, that ensure their customers are providing the best user experience from any recruitment website. Some customers that are already seeing the benefits of an Arithon Website include: CCP, PrincipleHR, and Osborne.

Get what you need – while a lot of future focused recruitment agencies have already caught on, there are still a lot that have not realised the importance of mobile technology in the recruitment industry today. If you’re unsure or unaware of the importance that mobile technology is having, and will continue to have on recruitment, I strongly encourage you to read ‘Recruitment is Going Mobile’. If you haven’t already considered mobile technology for your business, there is a strong chance that you will get left behind.

Don’t just take our word for it, Social Talent pretty much summed it up in their blog this month, saying “Mobile commerce is projected to increase ten-fold over 2010′s figure of $3 billion to $31 billion by 2016.                                                                                                        What does this mean for recruitment websites when you’re not technically selling products that people can purchase?                                                                                                                    It means that your customers (ie, candidates) will be so used to conducting transactions on their mobile that they’ll simply expect to be able to use your site from their mobile or tablet device without much hassle.”

Arithon Mobile Apps have provided leading agencies in todays market with mobile apps for their recruitment business.                                                                                                       Arithons list of App clients range from:iFly Low Hour Pilot JobsOsborne JobsFontis JobsPrinciple JobsCCP Recruit

So the simple fact is that, as people user behaviour changes, so too must companies user experience.

Recruitment must adapt to how their candidates chose to go about their business, after all, the more difficult it is for your candidates to interact with you, the less likely they are to do it.

At Arithon, our goal has always been the success of the recruiters that use our products. We tirelessly strive to develop software that allows our customers to do business, to the best of their ability and allows them to easily adapt to the changes that are happening in today’s recruitment industry.

Arithon pioneering website creation & integrations and mobile app integration features have been designed to respond to these issues and give our recruiters the most advanced technology, to allow their candidates to get the best user experience that recruitment can offer.

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