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We recently had a discussion pre, during & post the recent truDublin event promoted by SocialTalent ( and @BillBoorman about what the future ATS looks like. some of the discussion was captured on video here:

This topic is very interesting to me at the moment as I’m currently going through a fresh process of re-imagining the future direction for Arithon and how our users will interact with technology they use to recruit in 5 years time.

Is the future going to be all “Minority Report”?

grabbing, pinching, sliding, scrunching of candidates projected onto large transparent screens in front of us….?

almost…. when you imagine these kind of interfaces they can be very efficient in selecting and sifting through data quickly, but the thought of a room full of recruiters operating like the hero in a recent Sci-Fi movie is a little beyond what I’d like to imagine the future to look like!

I do think that we need an interface that will be able to interact with more dynamic input devices, ones that can read gestures as well as key-press, but we also need to recognise that it will be more than 5 years before these are mainstream (maybe only 7/8 though). What we can take from this is that users will need a fast and reliable way to assess a candidates suitability for a role in under 5 seconds, and then “slide” them to the shortlist or “scrunch” them to the bin.

technology has done several smart things about helping recruiters search for candidates and is great at showing lists of results, but for all of the advances, isn’t it about time we looked at how we’re displaying this information?

The road Arithon is on at the moment is re-engineering the interface to help recruiters perform more efficiently, by taking technology out of their way and letting them get on with the job. Think of you’re ATS as a personal assistant that follows you around and records everything you’re doing, always ready to retrieve a vital element when you want to, but never gets in your way.



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  1. Hi Rod,

    Slightly off topic when I know you want to talk about recruitment software but speaking of Minority Report have you heard of Leap? Really cool video here


    • Rod Smyth says:

      Thanks Shane, Leap looks really cool – at first I thought it was a joke (like the , but seems legit and very impressive. not due till Dec 2012 but considering a pre-order to play with it.

    • Lingraj says:

      Thanks Trevor, it is great to see that your system inetgraets with Broadbean. If companies are to really streamline their processes, it is key that they use all the technology available and save on valuable administration time.I am not sure if you are aware, but there are increasingly more ATS & E-Recruitment systems that integrate directly with the job boards now. These have their own multi-posting software included & therefore negate the requirement of a third party provider such as broadbean.At HR Connexions, we have developed such a platform. This allows our E-Recruitment system to post directly to the job board sites. For organisations looking at Online recruitment systems, this should be a consideration as it can help retain control and reduce costs too.Thanks again Trevor.

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