LinkedIn presents Talent Pipeline – ATS aspirations?

In mid October, LinkedIn presented a preview of its Talent Pipeline product at their TalentConnect conference in Las Vegas.

Screenshot from LinkedIn Talent Pipeline on LinkedIn Recruiter

It’s a simple and free addition to LinkedIn Recruiter which allows the recording of notes and tracking of prospects. Though it may not yet replace ATS systems, it has long been known that one of the products that LinkedIn plan to offer in the future is a full ATS – perhaps this is the first step along the way?

some crucial elements make this interesting –

  1. You can upload cv/resumes from candidates who are not in LinkedIn
  2. You can track current status of the target in your pipeline
  3. You can tag and search
  4. Referrals and contacts are easily reached on the pipeline profile along with notes
  5. You can see updates for any candidate in your watch list, but more importantly you can be alerted to changes in the profile
  6. Tracking around social media profiles is better integrated

many of these features are things we might be familiar with from other products in the market, but it definitely signals a move for LinkedIn from just managing profiles on the site to managing all of your resumes.

For an agency recruiter, as a technology this probably doesn’t mean much, and therefore I believe that the advanced CRM functionality in products like Arithon are not in the target range, but there are a growing number of low end corporate ATS solutions which may find themselves competing with LinkedIn in the near future if they extend the functionality on offer. On the other hand its another tool that could enable a corporate recruiter become more effective in replacing their reliance on the network and skills of agencies – if they invest the time in using it!.



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