Are you a Recruiting Machine?

Finally, a chance for the best recruiters in the world to be recognised for their outstanding achievement. Recruitment is a tough business and hard work always deserves reward.
This is the first month of the ‘Recruit This’ Awards. The competition calls for all recruiters to enter their top billing status to win the coveted ‘Recruit This’ Award.

The exclusive award is soon to be the most sought after by the recruitment elite of this world. The Awards have been launched and sponsored by Arithon Recruitment Software.

What’s in it for you:
1) Recruit This Winner’s Trophy – on your desk, forever.
2) Cool T-shirt – so that everyone know that you are a recruiting machine.
3) And of course a place in our ‘Recruit This’ Gallery ‘Hall of Fame’.

To find out more about the awards and what’s up for grabs, check out the Recruit This Awards website and enter your details.

The competition can be entered by all recruiters, to compete for the chance to be noted as the top recruitment biller in the industry. Every month, the winner will be selected based on their nomination. Monthly Winners will be announced to the recruiting world. Get the recognition you deserve!


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