‘Adapting to Change’ in Today’s Recruitment Environment.

Having attended the ‘Adapting to Change’ briefing at the Dublin Chamber of Commerce, it is clear that there is a lot to consider in the global recruitment industry, and many factors that affect recruitment in today’s world.

The ‘Adapting to Change’ report was devised from research conducted by CIETT in conjunction with the Boston Consulting Group, to address issues affecting today’s recruitment industry, and what’s happening within the industry to facilitate adaptation to these changes.

CIETT’s Communications & Economic Affairs Advisor, James Gribben presented the briefing to NRF members, illustrating the findings of the Adapting to Change report and answering questions on the role of private employment services in modern labour markets.

Speaking at the Briefing, in Dublin Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Gribben spoke on three key areas that the report discusses:
1) The structural shift in environmental factors that affect the industry today.
2) The challenges that the labour markets currently face.
3) The role of labour market intermediaries to enable change.

The briefing provided an informative and insightful look at how the global market has changed over the last few years, particularly in the face of huge adversity from factors such as the global economic downturn.
Discussing the areas that need to be addressed in order for recruitment to adapt to these changes and also facilitate these changes, on both a domestic and international level.

The briefing gave an overall positive outlook for the recruitment industry in adapting to these changes and their role in this function.

An interesting fact, highlighted at the briefing, was that countries using private employment services bounced back from the the economic crisis much quicker than those that do not, with job creation through the recruitment sector countering unemployment issues and increasing revenue on a national scale.

It is clear from the report that the benefits provided by the private employment sector are significant on a worldwide scale, and the CIETT’s globlal pledge for better labour markets is facilitating a great shift in the potential of Private Employment Sector.

The ‘Adapting to Change Report’ provide great food for thought and an informative insight into the global market. At Arithon, we would consider it definite recommended reading for the recruitment industry.

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